Lilly Pulitzer

My fashionista friend asked me to turn her favorite Lilly Pulitzer quotes and patterns into illustrations!  I had never heard of her before but I fell in love with the patterns after working on this project.   Painting the patterns gave me a better insite on how difficult pattern design is.  Color, line, shade, composition...!    I definatly have a different appreciation of those in fashion illustration. ...more

There isn't much in Milan

There is not much in Milan except the Duomo.  The scenery around the Duomo was beautiful but there was not much else. In fact some parts of Milan were a little sketchy.  The Duomo was the most amazing buildings I've seen on the trip. I loved the gothic archeticture....more

Roman Holiday

Rome is wonderful.  I love the monuments and the history.  It's crazy to think your in the center of where the Roman Empire began.  The Vatican will always be my favorite! ...more

Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius

 Pompeii was so incredible.I was not expecting to see so much of the city preserved. Floors, ceiling, tiles.But I was not expecting to learn that Pompeii had 40 brothels.  And the cost of a prostitute would run you the cost of two glasses of wine. ...more
Laurend1985 I would defiantly recommend it!  I loved the sex paintings!  I'll have to check into ...more

The Island of Capri

Venice separation from Italy?

Venice is not only different than the mainland of Italy due to their underwater city but because they are protesting the Italian government calling for a separation.   They have no pride in the country of Italy because they feel they are being oppressed due to taxation.  This lack of pride did not come to notice until my chaperone told us how there were very few Italian flags hung in the city. ...more

Florance Travels

Florance is the most wonderful city in the world!  I just want to sing when I think about it! It meant so much to share the day with my sister.  We had a great time seeing the locations.  It is such a special memory I will always share with her. ...more

A must do on a Tuscany Trip

The Palio was my favorite on my trip to Italy.  People travel to Siena from around the world to witness this horse race.  There is just so much community and culture involved in the races, how could anyone not want to join in? I was lucky enough to participate in the trials and the actual Palio.  I actually was right against the fence during the trials!  That is million dollar seating at the Kentucky derby!...more
travelswithtam It was really an incredible experience.  Siena has such a great community ...more

Pisa and Siena, Italy

The only reason one would travel to Pisa is for the Leaning Tower.  FYI: There is nothing in Pisa; just the leaning tower!  But even though you can only spend a maximum two hours there; anyone who is traveling to Italy needs to see the tower and do a cliche pose!  My pose was a little bit out of the ordinary! ...more

Cinque Terre