Siblings; friends or foe

While spending a week away on a girls only vacation, I found myself reflecting on the sibling relationship and the journey it takes.  I have seen my daughters’ relationships with each other go through periods of love and hate, quiet competitiveness and then move on toward a blossoming friendship filled with respect.  Okay, so respect most of the time.  I decided to post a sibling survey on tellwut and I found the results to date positive.  With over 120 votes in, only 17% of respondents said they did not get along with their siblings.  How did the competitiveness fa...more

Should you tell your kids that you don't like who they are dating? What about the reverse?

It is such a tough call as you don't want to alienate anyone.  I posted the question on a new site, so hopefully links are okay?  I have surveyed my friends and its a mixed bag....more