Just a frat boy prank? Or more about rape culture?

Tweet So, many of you may have seen this heinous picture on social media and wondered if it was real? No way would this be allowed at a college that says it prides itself on educating it’s student body and faculty about ending sexual aggression and inappropriate sexual behavior, as well as sexual harassment. A University that has “Safe Space” training on a regular basis to end harassment of LGBTQ people, and a large and quite diverse student population? ...more

Andrea Smith and Rachel Dolezal....Is Identity Really Important?

I have been a college student for many years.  Yes, I am a late bloomer.  I didn't start college until I was in my mid 40's.  Before that I did a 20 year military career, and after I retired, I ended up getting divorced, and being a single mom.  During those times of my life college was not much of a priority  One day a client at the Dermatology practice where I work came in and told me about the Post 911 GI Bill.  I didn't have any other GI bill because when I joined the military, it wasn't available to us.  (anyone remember the VEAP Program??)...more

Andrea Smith and Rachel Dolezal….Is Identity Really Important?

Tweet I have been a college student for many years....more

Creamy Quinoa Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Tweet So, I have a secret to share….a bit of a confession to make….. Ready for it??? I am the person who doesn’t let my food touch on my plate....more

We switched to “Real Food”

Tweet I have struggled with my weight for many many years! I have written blogs about it, complained about it, and had finally given in and decided to accept it when something amazing happened to me. A couple of years ago, Karol and I went to see Jillian Michaels....more

Is “Lesbian Bed Death” real?

Tweet Okay, so this is an article I have wanted to write for a long time, but as you can imagine that talking about “Lesbian Bed Death“, has taken me some time to gather the courage to write about. So you might ask, “Then why even write it?”....more

Meanest Mom Ever!

Tweet Some women say they are mean moms if they haven’t baked cookies for their kids, or didn’t fold their clothes....more

BEST EVER fudgy brownies

Tweet In the past I have posted some healthy recipes, and some not so healthy recipes....more

Silent Sunday

Tweet ...more