LEGO Christmas Tree

Trim a Lego Christmas Tree! Set up this activity once and you can use it again and again during the holiday season- until your real Christmas tree comes down. If you have a LEGO-crazy kid, you’re also going to want to check out our Ultimate LEGO gift guide! ...more

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

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Gingerbread Man Craft

Decoring gingerbread people is so fun – and there are...more

LEGO Gift Guide

Looking for some seriously awesome gifts for your LEGO loving kid? Check out our LEGO gift guide – we’ve got pictures and descriptions — and all kinds of buildable fun! LEGO Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life: TONS of inspiration here –...more

Draw Your Own Fine Motor Constellations

Do your kids love stars and all things space? They can create their own constellations with this simple fine motor activity. You can even sneak in some science and history with a little constellation info: The stars we see at night (mostly) stay in the same position compared to each other ....more

Fun Fall Craft – Leaf Crown for Kids

One reason to love Fall is the beautifully colored leaves on the ground – they make the best (and cheapest!) craft supply ever! Use your leaves in one of our favorite Fall crafts...more

Shake Painting With Acorns

Looking for a (mostly) mess-free way for the kiddos to play with paint? Shake painting is for you! With shake painting kids...more

Halloween Science Projects

We have 15 not-so-scary but super FUN Halloween science projects for you to try! Experiment away either at home or in class. Halloween Science Projects The activities pictured above are listed below from top to bottom, left to right: 1 – For a fun Halloween twist on a classic simple science experiment, try...more

Election I Spy for Kids

Elections are not very kid friendly. Or even explanation friendly. Let’s face it ....more

Candy Corn Ten Frame

Add some Halloween fun to early elementary math with a candy corn ten frame! There are so many fun manipulatives to use with ten frames. And for Halloween what could be a better manipulative than candy corn? ...more