12 years gone..a remembrance to my son Ross

It gets close to that dateAnd I know it.Though I’ve mastered the painAnd try not to show it,It doesn’t stop the feelingthat makes my heart grieveand though I’ve stoppedwearing that heart on my sleeve,that moment in timecan arrive unannouncedand just for a whilethe pain is pronounced…it hurts and I cryI miss him so muchto not have him hereto see, hear and touch…his humorhis smilehis cute little grin,my sonmy boyhow his life would have been…...more

Midlife: Living Life in Dog Years!

My marriage of 28 years wasn't awful.  I hit my midlife crisis at age 53.  He stuck his head in the sand via the "easy" chair.  We stopped talking.  The silence and lonliness was palpable.  My daughter hit 18, and we barely saw her, which was okay, I understood the natural order of things, blah blah blah.  What I didn't get was what happened next--Nothing.  I had envisioned both of us taking time off to travel, maybe a cruise here and there.  I was the only one with that vision....more
@Allison Cook thanks Allison! You know, having been raised in a conservative Catholic family, ...more