Cultured Butter

Back in the 1930's when my mother was a baby, my maternal grandparents briefly owned a creamery in Denver. They made butter, ice cream--all the usual suspects for a creamery. At some point, they gave it up to move to Los Angeles, where my Poppa returned to his trade as a milliner ....more

Chilled Melon Blueberry Soup

Melons are just coming into season and none too soon. They're so refreshing when the heat of summer bears down on us. Over the next few months wave after wave of intriguing varieties will become available and it's worth going to a farmers market or Specialty Produce to discover something other than your standard cantaloupe or honeydew to enjoy.For instance, in June I brought home a small, fragrant Rocky Sweet Melon grown by Munak Ranch ....more

The Best Sandwich I Ever Made

Here it is the 4th of July and I'm sitting at my desk still salivating over the memory of a sandwich I made around Memorial Day. I had a real crud of a cold and hadn't gone to the market in awhile so I was left to forage around my fridge and freezer for something for lunch one day that seemed appetizing. What I ended up with was--to me--the best sandwich I'd ever made ....more

Ginger Peach Lassi

It's been hot in San Diego. Record-breaking heat-wave hot. AC-inducing, burning-the-succulents-in-my-garden hot ....more

Evie's Lemon Chicken

Periodically I like to share family recipes here. I've written about dill pickles, about noodle kugel, matzoh meal popovers, and blintz casseroles. Clearly, they have an Eastern European Jewish spin to them ....more

Father's Day Treat: Peach Slices with Cointreau

I had to think long and hard about what to do for my dad this Father's Day. What would make the day special for him at this stage in his life? As you may know, he has Alzheimer's Disease and is declining ....more

Sweet Petite Confections Shows Off The Earl and the Tarts

Do you make bonbons? No? Neither do I ....more

Decaf You Can Fall in Love With

It's been decades since I've been able to drink regular coffee. In the years since I first gave it up, the quality of decaf has steadily improved. And yet I can't take for granted that when I go to a meeting or a coffee house, a restaurant or an event that I'll be able to enjoy a cup--delicious or not ....more

Jeremy Oursland's Salmon with Vegetables, Gnocchi, and Tomato Fonduta

It's hard to believe, but in August Bottega Americano will have been open for two years. I remember walking around the cavernous restaurant's shell while it was under construction as executive chef Dave Warner explained how there would be different stations lining the walls--one for pasta making, one for making pizza, another for charcuterie, still another for pastry. Once it opened, it was ...more

May 21 Foodie Fest Encinitas Packed with Great Chefs

What are you doing this Saturday? How about heading over to The Lumberyard Encinitas for the Foodie Fest Encinitas? The event, which takes place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., features food and drink of North County San Diego, including: Fifteen chefs demonstrating how to prepare farm-to table fare on three different stages Six chefs competing in a TV-style competition Thirty-plus restaurants serving up gourmet tastes A Barefoot Bar, boasting a dozen craft beer, wine, and spirit vendors Foodie Fest Encinitas, which benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, will also have live, local music and a multi-media Art for the Cure exhibition ....more