I knew this time was coming. There was no denying it, no procrastinating, no putting if off. All summer I've been witness to the transformation.  It's hard to ignore when the grocery bill totals more than ever before and the shoes are outgrown at am alarming rate. Some days I'm better at noticing than others, especially on those days when I'm snapped up in a hug by strong arms that I hardly recognize, a face that grows whiskers, a voice ...more

When They're Gone

They're gone. The house is quiet, save our poor dog who wanders occasionally from room to room looking for them, and the cat - whose face I woke up to this morning.  And if there is anything creepier than opening your eyes to a feline face 2 inches from your own, I don't know what it is!  Hope she wasn't trying to steal my breath or something.. ....more


Back when we were a young married couple, I used to think it was cute how my husband would throw a pair of jeans into the hamper after only one wearing - whether they were actually in need of laundering or not ....more

THAT Mexican Bean Salad

Even though summertime has not officially started here (duh - it's not July 5th yet), I'm excited about the mere thought of delicious, fresh summertime food and this salad, THAT salad, is one of my favorites. ...more

Mayonnaise Chicken and other eReader Adventures

The thing about saying you'll never do something is that eventually you will do that something you professed to never do, as long as it isn't something totally unsafe, crazy or illegal, generally speaking.In my case it was saying I'd never, ever use an eReader.Ever!Books are meant for holding, not peering into on a screen.You can't hold an eReader in the bathtub.You can't turn it's pages.You can't dog-ear it's corners when you don't have a bookmark handy ....more


I've been reading here and there long time bloggers claiming that blogging is "dead."  They may be onto something and it's had me thinking...I started "blogging," or what I like to call "writing," online in 2005.  Back in the days when my kids were younger, my days were longer and I had not only more time in my day not occupied by sports, school and the social activities of my now older children, but also a seemingly endless amount of ...more

Does Time Magazine Really Care How YOU Parent?

Dear Time Magazine, ...more

Married Texting

No, this isn't a post about some hot, heavy and lurid texting that takes place between a husband and wife.  You'll have to check out the Fifty Shades of Grey books if you are looking for that. Instead I bring you the REAL texts of a married couple.Because I'm all about keeping it real.HIM:  You want a sub?HER:  No thanks, unless it's covered in a cupcake.HIM:  You want BOTH? ...more

The Break that Wasn't

Having just deleted a lengthy post about how we don't have time to go anywhere or do anything fun over Spring Break because we have jobs and baseball and jobs (yes I know I said jobs twice), I decided to let it go.Yes, our schedules are hectic this week.Yes, it sucks trying to work from home with 3 busy kids (aren't they supposed to get easier as they get older?). In fact, it sucks to a level of suck that ...more


I used to think of a Danish breakfast as being one made of pastry and sweet cream cheese. And before our trip last summer, you couldn't have convinced me otherwise.But our first official morning in Denmark, en route to the Swedish island of Hven, proved to be educational.. ....more