Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Without pecan pie, it’s not Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I’m about the only family member who feels that way, so for the last couple years I’ve been the one making the pecan pie.This is a recipe from my Aunt, Ann Winegarden, and she has it credited to a woman named Elizabeth Hartman....more
Looks great, but my high cholesterol makes this a No-Go. So, instead, I'm making a lower fat / ...more

Organize Your Google Reader

Overwhelmed by that 1000+ unread count? Realizing that you've subscribed and unsubscribed to that same partial feed over and over again? Want to keep up with some deal blogs but don't want them to drown the other blogs you want to read? Then this is the organization method for you.I've had folders in my reader for a while, but only recently did I discover the beauty of using multiple tags on each feed....more

If you click the manage feeds link in the lower left hand corner you can select all and pop them ...more

Is There Still a Social Stigma for Geek Girls?

When I was in elementary school, one of the worst things a classmate could call someone was a "geek". In a world of social media and smart phones the negativity associated with the word "geek" is going away. But it's not gone yet -- and I think it's still more negative for women than it is for men. I can call myself a geek with pride. I can bond with my family and my closest friends over geeky things. But when someone in my larger circle of acquaintances uses the term "geek" in reference to me or knows I'm into certain things, I still blush. ...more
I think all girls are a geek to some extent. Also, certain geeky girls have a sweet innocent and ...more