Ocean Bathing

So I was reading on Mark Sisson’s blog about the Japanese practice of...more

Bulletproof Diet Book Review + Giveaway

It’s closing in on a year since I changed my diet, moving away from a strict plant-based focus to one that includes animal proteins and fats. I moved in the direction of a Paleo approach for the first nine months or so, increasing my protein intake drastically while still eating a fair amount of plant foods. The more I experimented and learned about what type of dietary approach works best for me, though, the more I realized that there are indeed risks that come with consuming too much protein ....more

Sunshine Jello

With spring comes the end of the peak citrus season, but I foraged some gorgeous, juicy naval oranges from the yoga studio recently: Since adding collagen supplements into my diet, I’ve been coming across so many interesting recipes, including the re-emergence of Jello (made healthier than the boxed stuff) and gummy treats (again, made much healthier than the gummy bears I used to eat by the bagful). My first attempt making a like-minded gummy treat involved using my oranges, a lime, and a knob of fresh ginger: Why they’re called “naval” oranges(!): Six...more

Vital Proteins Peppermint Power Smoothie + Giveaway

Something I’ve been researching and working on very hard this past year has been to...more

Carrot Cake Muffins with TigerNut Flour + Giveaway

I feel like one of the hottest alternative health food trends for this year so far has been the emergence of the tigernut. I was so intrigued by this product when I first read about it on the Empowered Sustenance blog...more

Chocolate Cauli Oatmeal

This recipe for Chocolate Cauliflower Oatmeal falls into that category of weird-sounding foods that somehow work. Honestly, I know a sweet dish using cauliflower just sounds wrong,...more

Friday Faves: Full Moon Reading

Hello my lovely friends. I dropped the ball these past several weeks with my “Friday Faves,” but I’m back today with a round-up of some of the awesome articles, blog posts, and recipes from around the web. I noted the full moon as perhaps the theme of today’s post....more

Coconut Buckwheat Cereal Mix + LifeFactory Giveaway

Two cool things to share with you today, the first being this recipe for Coconut Buckwheat Cereal Mix. This is a great blend to make ahead of time to serve with berries and your choice of non-dairy milk or even a homemade raw milk kefir or yogurt. To start, you’ll want to get some coconut flakes that are unsweetened: The flakes are easily toasted at 325 degrees for 5-7 minutes when spread out on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet: Your choice of about one cup total of nuts and seeds is a nice way to add protein and nutrition your mix ....more

Bison & Cauliflower Rice

If I’ve had a fixation on coconuts lately, I’m guilty of the same with cauliflower. I think it has to do with the versatility of these foods and the different textures that can be created. In fact, consider this post the first of several where cauliflower will be used in both savory and sweet(!) dishes <—-that’s right, in another one of my seemingly absurd combos (remember my Blueberry Baked Oatmeal with Lentils?), I’ve created a sweet cauliflower dish that I can’t wait to share with you soon ....more

#RaiseHealth Coconut Pulp Cookies + Giveaway

It seems as if I’ve gone cuckoo for coconuts lately, but this cookie recipe is too good...more