could use a roomie

I'm Tina,  @sendchocolate on twitter.  Send Chocolate is one of my blogs. I write on the net about autism and special needs, and manage to maintain a sense of humor about life.  This is my 2nd BlogHer.  I am a kick, funny, snarky (but not in a mean way) and love me some BlogHer.  I'm  a nightowl who probably won't be in the room much, but would love to share with you if you need a place.  I come in Thurs and leave Sun.   Let me know.  sendchocolatenow(at)gmail(dot)com   Tina ...more

What I Learned at Blogher '08

I've been thinking long and hard about this Celebrity Rock Star Blogger thing. Just what constitutes "good enough" to hit the stratosphere in the Blogosphere? Why can certain bloggers post pictures of their shoes and end up with 120 comments when some bloggers pour their heart and soul into posts, and get little recognition or feedback? Most of those Rock Star Bloggers are really nice people. with just a few notable exceptions, mostly those who have bought into their own press. ...more

Solving the Mystery of the Multi-Language Tweets on Twitter

Chances are, if you are a regular at Twitter, you are aware of the mystery of the strange followers with "tweets" that don't make any sense. You know the ones: Maggie668 (not a real account) starts to follow you. You click over to see who she is, and find a picture of a girl, probably a party girl.   "Scraping the Bottom for SEO"   ...more

To blogher or not to blogher...

So, what am I going to do? ...more


 My that's an exotic sounding moniker!

 I loved what you said about ...more