When The Going Gets Rough {Love and Marriage Blog Series}

Week 2 of the Love and Marriage Blog Series: Tough times in marriage.We've all been there. Its not easy, blending two lives, two families, two cultures even. And the main thing I have learned about hard times in marriage is how you respond to them. There are so many times that I have thought things were so hard. I now look back and see that these were the things that made me, made us. These are the things that made us strong. Made us cling to one another....more
Happy Anniversary!!!  With our high divorce rates, many couples don't make it to ten. To survive ...more

Childbirth, Through the Eyes of a Nine Year Old

I made the huge mistake of streaking down the stairs last week with nothing but my pants and bra on to grab a shirt out of the laundry room. About the time I rounded the corner into the kitchen I see both boys sitting at the bar eating their breakfast. The conversation then followed about like this:Evan: "Mom! Your belly button is gone! What's wrong with it?!"...more
Hahaha! I think that is a great explanation ;)more

Job Interviews and Work Ethic

I do the hiring for my husband's family's company. Most days it is a pretty easy, laid back job but the last two weeks have been miserable....more

Who Made YOU The Judge?

There are days when I think "Yeah, I'm a good mom." You know, the days that are beautiful, my house is spotless, dinner is prepared by 10 am, and all the laundry and ironing are caught up on. Then all I have to do is have a picnic, throw a football or play dress up. And those days come about twice a year....more

Looking Back 7 Years

Seven years ago today. Its a blur, a distant memory, yet it stands clearer in my mind than probably any other event if my life.It was a sunny Saturday morning. The day before Mother's Day. The long awaited day for this southern girl to finally get to plant her flowers since we made it out of the northern freeze period. I was 6 months pregnant with Evan. Life was good....more

Working Woman Vs The Stay At Home Mom

In light of the recent "accusations" of the SAHM. I thought I would write a post. I hope to keep politics out of my blog as much as possible as we live in a FREE country. And whom you choose to vote for is your decision. I hate the bickering, back-stabbing, and arguing over whose right and whose wrong. Do your research. Don't stretch the facts. And for heaven's sake stop complaining and VOTE....more