We Bleed Too

“This emptiness in my life is so hard to deal with but I pray every day and I know God has the perfect baby and the perfect birthmother planned for us.  I must be patient and someday this sadness will be forgotten.” I hear statements like this over and over again in the world of adoption.  Hopeful couples struggling with their desire to have a child while praying desperately for the pregnant woman who will choose them to raise her baby....more

You Breed, We'll Benefit

You know, sometimes, even today, with all I’ve seen and learned about adoption, there comes a point when all I can do is wonder How in the world does anyone actually think about and come up with such an idea and believe it’s a good one ...more

But She Wanted To

“I don’t see how there can be coercion if a woman seeks out an adoption agency because she has already made the decision that adoption is her best choice.”...more

LOL. Please let me apologize for not looking at your name when I initially commented. I realize ...more