Scared to Jump In

It is the weirdest feeling. Here I am, the mother of two college aged kids, and I feel like I want to quit everything reasonable and plunge into my dreams. I am a pastor. Cool beans. But I am also a writer/author, a musician and an actor. I want to make a CD. Maybe do a commercial or two. Audition for a Broadway play. Sing. Sing, sing and sing some more. ...more

Police Behavior

I cannot figure out what's wrong with so many police officers who feel like it's "the thing" to stop and hassle people just because they can. I've watched footage of the Oklahoma state trooper who stopped an ambulance which was carrying a patient to the hospital. It just so happened that the trooper was white and the head paramedic was African American. The head paramedic explained that he had a patient in the bus, was very polite and calm in spite of the trooper's out of control rage, but it was troubling to see how the trooper threw his weight around. ...more