Tragedy: 14-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Underage Drinking

My 12-year-old son shared the news with me about a local high school boy who shot himself. An all-American boy, handsome and athletic, a football star with deep brown eyes and a smile that looked like he owned the world. Reagan Beene was a 14-year-old boy who supposedly killed himself in his bedroom after being caught by the police for underage drinking and throwing a party while his parents were away. A blunder of youth followed by a life-changing decision to end it all. ...more
We need to teach our kids how to cope with life's challenges. They need to learn that there are ...more

Santa and The Great Race Debate

Well, according to David Sedaris, in some countries Santa (St. Nicholas) has 6-8 black men to ...more

Autism Speaks: A Tale of Two Perspectives

CaraCreagerWhat is considered normal is subjective. To lessen my son's struggle would be my ...more

Child Porn: My View as a Mother After My Cousin’s Arrest

Seven years. That was the sentence my cousin received as the result of an undercover sting operation charging him for possession and receipt of child porn after receiving forwarded e-mails. My cousin: a college graduate, military recruit, and responsible son, with a life of promise that he had just obliterated by an uninhibited quest for a heinous arousal. ...more
Did you guys even read the article? It was in an email forwarded to her cousin, and he opened ...more

Alcohol + Teens = Sexual Anarchy

screenshot program Image Credit: Dr. Laura (gag but true) ...more