Visit: Dollywood {Pigeon Forge, TN}

Hitting the road for Spring Break or looking for a fun new destination? How about Dollywood? An all-American theme park with something to see around every corner ....more

Recipe: Bacon, Egg, and Spinach “Waffles” {Whole30}

Thinking a little outside of the box today with a new breakfast idea … Bacon, Egg, and Spinach “Waffles.” I don’t like waffles. #truestory Never have, doubt I ever will. I think it’s a texture thing ....more

Weekend Photos in Review

believe it or not, there is a lake there, along with many houses this was the weather the next morning. New Jersey is funny like that ....more

Food Inspiration {Instagram}

Whether you are an ardent food lover or even a food blogger, inspiration can come from anywhere. Instagram is one of my favorite places for food inspiration … even more so than Pinterest, surprisingly enough. Sometimes it’s the colors of the photo that capture my eye ....more

Recipe: Chicken Avocado Salad {Whole 30}

A delicious and simple recipe that combines shredded chicken and creamy avocado to make a light and tasty lunch. If I had to categorize the type of recipes I gravitate towards (whether they are my own creation or someone else’s recipe), I would say that they are firmly entrenched in two distinct categories: super simple and on the table in under 30 minutes or a long and slow process that could take the whole afternoon or even a week (like the homemade bacon that is currently curing in my refrigerator). This Chicken Avocado Salad recipe is definitely the former ....more

Review: Kit Nip Box

A monthly treat box for cats? Our crew would sign themselves up if they could. Bark Box is a name that you are probably very familiar with ....more

Weekend Photos in Review


Wordless Wednesday


Recipe: Pizza Parsnip Fries

An unusual twist on the guilty pleasure of French fries, these Pizza Parsnip Fries will have you coming back for more. And more. And more ....more

Weekend Photos in Review