Visit: Nathan Cooper Gristmill {Chester, New Jersey}

Looking for a fun little afternoon adventure or a step back in time? Let’s drive to Chester and check out the Nathan Cooper Gristmill. Most libraries have museum passes that you can borrow, which let you visit a local museum or attraction with your family for free ....more

Weekend Photos in Review

*local gristmill, separate post coming this week ...more

Weekend Photos in Review

Baked Chocolate Chip Oatmeal unedited picture, it was a crazy storm on Friday night one year between the two pictures, the girls were on their way to an annual coronation ceremony Nick posted this gorgeous double rainbow shot on snapchat while he was at a football game on Friday night, and I couldn’t love it more cauliflower crust pizza strawberry and Nutella crepe ...more

Eat: Balance Bar {Nutritious On-the-Go Snack}

A quick and easy on-the-go snack that’s both delicious AND nutritious? Yep, it’s possible! Whether it’s the summer time or during the school year, I’m always on the look-out for nutritious snack items that I can have on hand ....more

Recipe: Cheesy Bean Dip

I’m a dip fan at heart, and if it includes hot, gooey, melted cheese, all the better. This Cheesy Bean Dip recipe is perfect when you have the munchies, are having a Movie Night at home, or just because. No matter how many times I look at the word cheesy, it always looks like it’s spelled wrong ....more

Recipe: Baked Zucchini Fries

Baked Zucchini Fries are a super simple, nearly guilt-free snack or appetizer recipe that will keep you coming back for more. I’ve gotta be honest. When it comes to zucchini, I can take it or leave it ....more

Weekend Photos in Review

*Cape Elizabeth, Maine *LL Bean Distribution Center parking lot *Met up with ...more

Visit: Harsimus Cemetary {Jersey City, New Jersey}

When I was sitting in the orthodontist’s office a few weeks ago during one of Nick’s appointments, I was thumbing through an issue of New Jersey Monthly. The summer issues are a great source for finding new and fun things to do in New Jersey, and this issue was no exception. I happened upon a piece that mentioned a cemetery that had goats on its property ....more

Letter to My Son – Happy 14th Birthday!

“You must be so proud of Nick,” a friend said to me when I dropped something off at her home this weekend. “I am. 100%.” And it’s unequivocally true ....more

Weekend Photos in Review

Birthday weekend kicks off with a double rainbow? Yes, please! Couldn’t wait to recreate this picture with these two ....more