I hear voices (part 2)

The conversation about gun control continued as follows. Please note -  I believe that Voice#1 (in bold) is a parent (frustrated and exasperated and slightly sleep deprived) and Voice #2 (in italics) is a teenager (frustrating and exasperating and the source of the sleep deprivation). You can always read   “So what do YOU think about the right to bear arms?” “It depends.” “On what?” “Is it summer?” “WHAT?...more

Voices. I hear voices.

I have a confession to make. Seeing that I’m not Catholic, you’ll have to listen to my confession. If it will make you feel better, I’ll sit in a small stuffy room while I type. I hear voices. No, not in a Joan of Arc way, and no, my dog doesn’t talk to me (probably because I don’t have a dog), but I do hear voices. They pop up when I read an “informative” article, listen to the side effects during a pharmaceutical commercial or when someone cuts me off on the freeway. Sometimes the voices are helpful:  “Pick up Lauren at school. Don’t forget to call your aunt....more

New Year, New you!!!

We think, sometimes (or, in my case, most of the time), that we are not enough. We listen to the EIC, the voice who tells us that we are not thin/smart/pretty/rich enough to do what we want to do. And so we wait, wishing and hoping for the day that we will be ____ enough to pursue our dreams....more

Boys have cooties

"Boys have cooties." my daughter proclaimed when I picked her up from school (to be honest, my daughter was only five when she made this statement, but I'm hoping that her feelings haven't changed). "Yes they do," (you are too young to be kissing boys) "but girls have cooties too." (you are also too young to be kissing girls). To be honest, "Kids have cooties" would be more appropriate....more

What year is this again?

Good morning/afternoon/evening, and welcome to sunny southern california in the year 1952,,,er...1965...ummmm. What year is this again? I could blame my confusion on the slime that has coated my brain (really and truly, this bug is going to be the death of me), but it's more than that. My daughter came home from school the other day, upset that one of her classmates had been talking about her while she was absent (out sick with the bug she so kindly shared with me)....more

Whoever said life is fair?

"Whoever said life is fair?". Even now, sixteen years after losing my mom, I can hear her response to my favorite whine. That's not exactly true - the "losing my mom" part, not the whine or the response. I didn't really LOSE her - it's not as though she's a misplaced pen, car keys or a comb. I know exactly where she is (or where she was before dad moved her)...but I don't know how else to put it. In a world where we are free to talk about politics, sex and religion, death is the last taboo....more

I get by with a little help from my friends.....

So far 2011 has not been my favorite year...I was going to say 2011 has sucked big time, but was afraid I'd alienate/offend someone (ah, screw it, 2011 has sucked big time, and if you find that sentence offensive, you should stop reading now). I can't say that it's the worst year of my life, but it ranks in the 5 least favorite years to date. No, I'm not providing details - they're too numerous and too depressing and not really the point of this blog (if you know me, you already know why it's been a horrible year....more

Tempus fugit....but only when you're having fun

How is it possible that my newborn baby girl is in junior high? There's only one answer - time bends and stretches according to your activity. This is fact, not opinion. What's that, you say? Yes, you, in the back....you think I've lost my mind? While I'm sure that's true, please hear me out before you laugh and close the blog (and please send it back if you find it - it's too little to be out on its own...my mind, not the blog post)....more

I'm late, I'm late.....

We're in the second week of school, and my 11 year old still likes her teachers, so we're off to a good start. Or we were, until last week. "How was your day at school?" Shrug (omg is it time for the noncommittal shrug ALREADY? I was sure I had at least another 3 years). "Did you have fun? Did you spend time with your friends?...more

the movie

The other thing that's hard about raising girls is having "the talk". My husband refuses to have anything to do with it ("You're a girl, she's a girl, it's your job"). Fortunately there's "the movie". For those of you who haven't dealt with it yet, it hasn't gotten any better since I was in elementary school..... My daughter saw "the movie" in fourth grade. When she came home from school, I asked her if she had any questions. "No" "No?" "Nope, I'm good........" But I could tell there was something on her mind....more