Be Kind

"I think probably kindness is mynumber one attribute in a humanbeing. I'll put it before any of thethings like courage or bravery orgenerosity or anything else.If you're kind, that's it."~ Roald Dahl I finished reading The Magic Finger to Danny this past week. It's a short one, only 57 pages ....more

State of the Union

At last, the thought of people checking this blog and seeing my Cat in the Hat muffin top has proven triumphant and a new post has arrived. I haven't felt much like visiting here lately. What used to be fun for me, now isn't ....more

Random Halloween

No family theme here. I'm pretty sure this is our first family Halloween picture wherein I am in costume....more

Fam-uh-lee Time

Today was a pretty good day and thus, it deserves to be documented. I know I've been the laziest of all lazy mommy bloggers lately so this shall count as my turning over of a new leaf (hopefully...I make no promises)....more

Swanton Berry Farm

After our little jaunt at Wilder Ranch State Park, we were off on another adventure....more

Wilder Ranch State Park

Dan is pretty good at finding family friendly stuff to do on vacation. I love the amusement parks. Obviously we planned on those ....more

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

While we were on our vacation (yeah, almost 2 months ago but whatever, I'm doing the best I can) Dan found a park with a cool covered bridge. I feel like this picture makes my body look very long. Maybe it's the bridge ....more

a day at the beach

That's all I've got. Taking pictures at the beach wasn't my top priority. Feeling anxious and completely unsettled because I was sure my kids (plus Jonah) were going to be swept out to sea took over my brain and the camera sat mostly untouched ....more

Gilroy Gardens

Ah, Gilroy Gardens. Sure, it's no Disneyland but I don't care. Don't tell anyone but maybe I love it more ....more

it's called labor day for a reason

A few days ago Danny asked me what this whole Labor Day thing is all about. I guess he figured it must be special since they get the day off school. I told him it's like an end of summer celebration day ....more