Clearing My Contacts

Today at 5pm my daughter Courtney is having her awards ceremony commemorating her junior year of school accomplishments.  I've been to many of these events with both my daughters.  But this year feels very different. ...more


Being single in your mid 40's has it's challenges.  Dating and not enduring the flashback emotions of being 18 years old is one of them!  Engaging in sexual intimacy and maneuvering  the subject with teenage daughters in the home is another.  But among all the hills and valleys I've encountered there seems to be but one mountain still unobtainable to to introduce the man your in a relationship with???? ...more

Painted Toenails

Something I've had to get used to since my divorce is preparing myself for summers without my girls.  The first year was by far the most difficult.  The girls' father and I agreed that custody would allow him to have the majority of the summer days with them and I during the school year.  Lindsay is now over 18 and makes her own decisions on where and when to spend her time.  Courtney is entering her last summer as a "minor" child.  This year is very different resulting from our relocation to VA.  ...more