Does Financial Crisis = Back 2 Work?

Are women going back to work due to the financial crisis? You Bet! ...more

The Perfect Storm: Business is Booming for Talent Aggregators Despite a Struggling Job Market

“My colleagues that recruit professionals for contract gigs are all telling me that business is booming,” says Jessica Riester of Flexwork Connection. Her company recruits consultants and provides professional staffing services for high-end finance and accounting roles. “And I have to agree.” ...more

How I OnRamped My Way with Etcetera

Boston-area based Colleen Peterson’s Etcetera Holiday Show kicks-off on Sept 25 and ends of Oct 7th. If women want to book an appointment all they need to do is send a note to or call 972-733-6503.  For women interested in exploring career opportunities with Etcetera please contact Director of Recruiting, Edie Dance at 850-484-8120 or Colleen, how did you join ETCETERA? ...more

From TV Anchor to Fashion

From TV Anchor to Fashion, Meet Hamilton Northcutt, Etcetera Area Development Manager     ...more

Why is your passion so difficult to find?

How many of us have been told, “ follow your passion,” “find your passion,” “pursue your passion?” What is it about passion? What is it and why is it so difficult to find? ...more

Go easy on yourself. It might be a matter of turning down a corner of a street you have never ...more

Flexible Work, Equal Pay and Sarah Palin

Last Friday I had the honor of speaking to a sold crowd at the Santa Clara County Commssion on the Status of Women. Eighty-eight years after women secured the right to vote and forty-five years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act our panel explored Equal Pay, change in government and women in the White House. LaDoris Cordell, former Superior Court Judge and Vice Provost, Stanford, moderated the group and kept the discussion lively...I think she has potential on Saturday Night Live! Irma Herrera, Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates, shared the ...more

My Maiden Voyage to BlogHer

Think blogging is a fad, think again. This summer I went to BlogHer08. I knew I was in for an event when I had to I had to find my ticket on Craigs ListHere are a few highlights from my day at BlogHer08: Buy your ticket early…this event sold out weeks before, but CraigsList to the rescue. If it works for concert tickets then why not BlogHer! ...more

Summer-time reflection

It’s that fabulous time of year when we pause, enjoy a little family vacation and take a minute to breath and evaluate our lives. I think most of my big life changing decisions were germinated during these precious vacation times. I’m spending my 10th year on the Jersey Shore with my family (parents, sisters, and cousins galore). It was this time last year that I decided to start my new company, When I returned to the Bay Area, I went for a hike in the Headlands with my soon to be business partner Millie, where we sealed the deal and decided to take the leap to start the company. ...more