Should Doctors Send Sympathy Cards?

Over on Facebook, I pondered why I always got such nice sympathy cards from my vet when I lost a pet, but had received nothing from any of my mother's doctors when she died. (Granted, it's not too late. A card or phone call could turn up at some point, but for now the flow of cards has slowed and I'm assuming the window for sending would have passed.)...more

Hungarian Noodle and Cabbage, Ultimate Comfort Food

Over at Aliette de Bodard's blog, we were talking about egg noodles. She describes herperfumed egg noodles as a "bland" dish that can be served alongside dishes with a stronger flavor. However, the noodles have no less than six seasonings added. I couldn't help comparing it to one of my favorite egg noodle recipes, a dish my family calls Halushka. Halushka is seasoned with salt. That's all....more

Have you been bullied on the internet?

They say there is nothing new under the sun, and bad behavior on the internet is no exception. A lot of fancy new words have been invented to describe social interactions online, such as trolling, flamewars, and griefing. But we have a perfectly good older word that applies as well: bullying. Most people associate bullying with childhood, and the school yard, but bullying can occur wherever humans interact, of any age or social status....more

Tina has a migraine

I've been spending a lot of time with nurses lately. Intensive care is all about the care, and more so than any other unit I've observed closely, the nurse reigns supreme. My mother has had her own nurse most days, and each one has been terrific. I am awed by the skill and intellect they demonstrate in managing 3-6 pumps, hanging half a dozen medications in bags, deftly loading up food tubes and emptying what come out the other end, and being the hub of a wheel with spokes connecting to ten or more doctors, specialists, and other care providers....more

A Year Without Dieting

My year without dieting is complete, and I find myself enlightened and pleased with the results. I began the quest not to diet in August of 2010, after gaining around 10 pounds on prednisone for an out-of-control poison ivy reaction. Prior to that, I had found my weight creeping up uncontrollably, and struggled to lose it, even when consuming quite low calories. Low carb was no solution. Exercise was no solution (my body clung to fat anyway). So found myself heavier than ever before, and realized something was really wrong with my metabolism and the way my body was handling fat....more
I can't even imagine a day without being on or planning to be on a diet, I really love this ...more

What is Bikram Yoga?

I was ambushed by Bikram yoga. I had never heard of it in my life before my friend Charmie invited me to a class. I had run into her at a community pool where our kids were swimming together on a school holiday. Some of those heavily evangelistic churches should hire Charmie as a consultant. She's very persuasive. After talking with Charmie about Bikram yoga, I knew the following facts:1. Bikram yoga was healing Charmie's knees, which had been trashed by years of ballet.2. Bikram yoga is one of the few forms of exercise that is safe and beneficial to do every day....more

RV Travel with Giant Breed Dogs

The first thing to remember is that traveling is stressful to dogs, especially extended travel. I think the ideal traveling dog would be a big, dopey, happy-go-lucky Labrador. There’s a reason Labs are such a popular breed of dog. They are extremely adaptable and most are mellow. Giant breed dogs, on the other hand, do have a tendency to shyness and sensitivity. Even Chewie, who is an exceptionally outgoing, well-adjusted, stable mastiff showed signs of significant stress while we traveled....more