inside a mother's heart

...she saw it, but said nothing....more

color, day 21 nablopomo

COLOR! Color, color everywhere I looked today. Some shots were contrived, some spur of the moment.I finally am getting the hang of bokeh style shots, although I am still not sure I am pronouncing it correctly ....more

to maggie

Maggie was about one year old when she came into my sister and brother-in-law's lives. ...more

day 19: vintage treasures

Seems a good night to sit back and think about family, memories and smile as I look at the photos I took for today's prompt over at NaBloPoMo. I took a look at Instagram at the #NaBloPoMo photos posted (I am still red with embarrassment at my failure at the #bokeh prompt a few days ago). App obsessed me figured I would take a photo, then vintage it up and post it ....more

contrast, day 18

I look at each day's blog prompt at NaBloPoMo and wonder if I can find something suitable. ...more

day 17: surreal

NaBloPoMo's photo prompt for today is surreal. Day 17 and I am still going strong. I did post twice one day and skipped another I think ....more

the shell game

Today's NaBlopomo prompt is "filter me this". I took this shot of some shells I collected walking on the beach in Jacksonville, Florida recently. This shot was edited on my iPhone with the Photoshop Express app, and also using the Snapseed and Camera+ apps ....more

nablopomo photo day 14 and 15

the road from home, early morning It's been a busy, overwhelming kind of week, so I combined the NaBloPoMo photography prompts sun flare (day 14) and black and white (day 15). A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes. So these should be good for about 4,000, on a day when I feel more comfortable with a photo than a written word ....more

day 13: bokeh

Ok, I spent more time reading about people arguing how to pronounce "bokeh" than I did learning how to shoot this style of photography. Then I realized I was running out of time so I downloaded an iPhone app and cheated my way to my version of a bokeh shot. So take it any way you like, since I've been up since 3AM and am looking at the back of my eyelids trying to post this before I doze off....more

don't bury me yet!

Today I got the verdict. After almost 2 months, a mammogram, a repeat mammogram, an ultrasound, and a needle biopsy....more