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man-sized hobbies

There is always this insane sound coming from my garage. Like right now, for instance. And when there isn't it's because the man isn't in there. His garage is his oasis. His man cave. His happy place. What is he doing in the garage? And why is it making so much blasted noise? Hobbies, I say. Hobbies. I have hobbies. Right now, at this point in my life I don't have many hobbies. I like to read. This is the ...more

the author is a friend of mine

Saturday night was book club. Book club 2, that is. We read a very funny and so true-to-life book it frightens me. The author just happens to be in book club 2, which is so very awesome it frightens me. A couple of weeks ago I went to Chapters to purchase said book. When I got it to the till the cashier gave a little wee gasp and said, "Oh, I want to read this book. I just bought it ...more

and then will ferguson rang my bell

In all my ever loving, over flowing wisdom, at some point over the last year, I decided that it would be a super brilliant idea to join another book club. Because going to school, where the reading is endless, wasn't enough reading on top of the book club I am already a part of, and have been for 7 years. We'll call that book club 1. Hmmmm, another book club? Yeah, let's read more, that sounds doable, I thought. So ...more

the 'burbs


i am awesome at holiday mondays. pictorial evidence included

Yesterday was a holiday. Victoria Day, to be precise. This means nothing except that all the kids were home from school while I was trying to do a major assignment. I set the whole day aside to do this project because I was pretty sure I was going to need it. I gave the children free reign on the computer and the X-Box. Have at 'er, zombie children. I'll see you on the other side. ...more

points of slight exaggeration

Ok. Wow. What a week. Spring semester started Tuesday and I am already drowning in homework. There is so much reading and thankfully some of it is half ways entertaining. The rest of it? Might just kill me with boredom! So my sister had a baby last night in about 32 seconds. Which is how I like it because I watch her kids while she's doing it and I don't like to wait. As we well know. ...more

rotting on a beach. a picture essay.

So, I am back from Mexico. You know what I did in Mexico? I laid on a chair and read books. And when I got hot I got up and ran into the ocean or when I was sanded out I hopped into the pool. When I got hungry I walked to the nearest buffet. It was glorious. Maybe not the backpacking across Spain or the ruin seeking adventure many people aim for when they choose to vacation but it ...more

adios, amigos

Me, to him: Look, just humour me. I am a person with OCD tendencies and an anxiety disorder. If I want to do the laundry, fold it, put it away in the drawers and THEN take it all back out to put in suitcases then I'm going to bloody well do that. Him, to me: You're insane. Adios, amigos. ...more

you probably think this song is about you...

This is what happens when your insanely vain child gets a hold of your phone. He thinks he spammed me. He did. I don't think, however, he is aware of how far I am willing to go. Scroll really fast...or you'll probably get bored. You're welcome ....more