I’m pretty swamped with work this summer but when I have time to spare to take a walk, I’m kind of obsessed with taking photos of flowers. It’s just that time of year, if I don’t do it while everything is blooming now, I’ll totally regret it come January! I’ve been trying to post about one photo a day on somewhere social media just because it makes me happy when I look at my own profile pages and see them ....more

through the wires

Little League is finally over. We lost in the 2nd round of playoffs on Saturday, and while I’m a little sad it’s over I’m also all “Woohoo, our weekends are freeeee!!” ...more

is it really only 8 am? no wonder I can’t think of a title

I ran for 9 minutes without stopping this morning. I’m going to go ahead and call today a win even though it’s not quite 8 am. It doesn’t matter how the rest of the day goes. My Fitbit and my Map my Run app both prove it ....more

trapped under a cat

I’ve been remiss in keeping up my crazy cat lady image so I thought I’d give you an update on old George. He’s still old. Elderly in fact. He’s also still alive. We weren’t too sure he would be by now so this is a good thing! He’s also still pretty dang cute. Unfortunately, he’s big on trapping us for long periods of time in strange places. Since he got sick we feel kind of guilty when we have to ...more

a visitation

I was holding his hand but talking only to her. Somewhere deep inside I knew who he was and that he wouldn’t speak, but his grip was strong. I tried to look at him but I couldn’t focus on the figure before me. Then I remembered and began to weep, my own silent sob waking me. The tears, hot and fresh, were real but his hand was imagined, though my palm still felt a warm impression, as if he’d really ...more

my heart belongs to Boston

From my very earliest memories – listening to Red Sox games on the radio – I’ve loved Boston. Trips to the Aquarium and the Science Museum, Celtics and Bruins games at the Garden,  shopping in Quincy Market, riding the T, and of course, going to Fenway have just solidified how much I love it. I may not have a house in the city proper yet, but when someone asks where I’m from, I rarely mention the suburb I sleep in, ...more

You know you need winter to end when…

You pine for the pool every time you drive by it – at least 4 times a day. The amount of static in your hair/clothes/cat actually might electrocute you. There is a constant coat of sand and salt on your lovely hardwood. You gain back 8 pounds and you’re desperate to start running again. But damn it’s sooo cold! All of your photos start to look alike – and not on purpose. There is nothing else to shoot ....more

football poetry

Since we’re sitting here watching the Patriots play, and trying not to be too antsy about it, I will give you football humor, 9 year old style. Josh wrote this and asked me to post it here for him. Sure! Positions Wide receiver, running back. All of these I do not lack. Quarterback, tight end. I am flexible, I can bend. I am the opposite of lame. But only in my video game. You guys. How freaking cute is that??!! ...more

a year in photos

I don’t really do those typical year end wrap-up posts, of course because I don’t really blog enough to bother! Since photography has become kind of a favorite thing for me lately, I thought I’d share a few iPhone photos that I never got around to posting here before. Btw, I stopped posting on Instagram and I’ve gone back to Flickr – come find me there! ...more

there are no words

I’ve spent the last few days trying to think of the right thing to say. I just can’t. Wishing you all peace. xo ...more