Forgive Me For Not Laughing


The Weight of Motherhood: 72 Pounds

I cuddle, I cuddle," my preschooler mumbles in her baby talk way, a frequent occurrence now that she's uncertain about fulfilling her big kid role. And under my left arm she goes. They squirm and wiggle and shift their weight until... they're both on my lap. Sisters leaning into each other, and leaning back on their momma. Wrapped up in my old fleece robe, they are warm, they are safe....more
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Reverse Snobbery: Too Pretty To Relate?

Oh...she's gorgeous. My heart sank a little as I saw Ann Voskamp's words, so inspiring and life-changing on the pages of her book, come to life in her small group study DVD. Her book, One Thousand Gifts, has been life changing for me.But her voice, decidedly sultry, didn't match the one I heard in my head as I'd turned those pages late at night. Her hair, a beautiful chestnut color, sat atop her head perfectly coiffed, not a strand out of place. And I'm ashamed to admit, I grew a bit jealous....more
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Little Girls Need to Vroom-Vroom, Too

She shrugged her shoulders, and set the box aside. Should I have been surprised? My girly-girl, wanna-be princess ballerina, got a belated Christmas gift from her great grandmother--remote control cars. Not pink ones. Not purple ones. Not sparkly ones. Just a red one, and a police car one....more
Love this! From the other POV (since I don't have daughters, boo!), I supported my son's love of ...more