Top 10 Super Foods

Hey All!I believe that eating right is 90% of being fit, strong, and happy with your figure. Gymming is important as well. Working out 5-6 days a week should be a priority you make in order to live a happy, long life.In the theme of eating healthy, I am providing 10 Super Foods to add to your diet. If you're already eating these foods regularly, AWESOME. Keep up the great work!!Cat's Top 10 Super FoodsBlueberries ...more

Ab Exercises

Good Morning Readers!Amazing Abs Workout PlanI hope everyone is having a productive day and planning ahead for an evening workout. This abdominal workout can be completed at home or in the gym. Strengthening your tummy can reduce belly fat and lower your risk of heart attack, heart disease and cancer.Complete the exercises below without taking breaks in between. Complete 5 total rounds for maximum results.30 high knees30 bicycles...more
Looks great!  Going to try it!  www.TheFittChick.commore

Sharing the Love: A Letter to Someone Who Shaped Your Life

I heard a great idea on the radio this morning. The idea is to write a letter to someone who inspired you, helped you, or shaped your life in some way. I chose to write to one of my professors in university. When I started taking Michael Manson's classes in the third year of a four-year degree, I was scared of him. Everyone was....more

Healthy Relationships: What I Have Learned

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who was telling me about a friend of hers. This girl is beautiful, smart, and single. My friend mentioned the girl was having a hard time meeting a good guy, to which I replied, “well, that's just downright shocking.” Which is total sarcasm. It's actually not suprising at all. There ARE good guys, great guys in fact. But they are like blue whales or something. They hide and surface rarely. Finding a great man, with a great family, that treats you like gold is hard to find.The Problem...more
@sundayswithstacy  I am so so happy for you. It's awesome you are focusing on yourself, your ...more

100 Rep Workout

This workout will get your blood pumping. Heavy repetition helps tone and lengthen muscles. Give it a try! :)The PlanComplete 100 repetitions of each exercise listed below. 100 Flat Presses  for Chest100 Bicep Curls for Arms200 rotations of jumping rope1 minute rest100 Reverse Crunch for Abs100 Bicycles for Abs100 Deep Squats for Legs100 Hammer Presses for Shoulders...more

Strength Training for Beginners

Today, I overheard two ladies in the locker room post-workout. They were discussing strength training, and their desire to begin lifting weights. The ladies said that they did not feel that cardio was enough, and I have to say, I agree with that perspective....more

The Art of Starting Over

While out for dinner with girlfriends recently, the discussion moved toward breakups and all the comes along with it. Our conversation centered around what it's like to “start over.”...more

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Fast, Easy Salad: Greens and Grapes...more

100 Rep Workout

Here's a workout plan to get your blood pumping. This plan will take your muscles to exhaustion. It's a full body workout plan to rev up your metabolic burn!...more

My Fitness Journey

Living a healthy, active lifestyle is very important to me and I strive to eat well and exercise regularly. It is my hope that by sharing my fitness plans and healthy recipes that you will be inspired to live your healthiest lifestyle.Fitness BeginningsThere was a time when fitness wasn’t important to me. It almost didn’t “need” to be. I was young and thin and could eat whatever I wanted. That all started to change mid-twenties.  I began to notice that my clothes were getting tighter; I was less active....more