Book Review: Love @ First Click

It’s not often that a book lives up to its proclamation of being the “ultimate guide” to such-and-such. And when it comes to something as ever-evolving as online dating, the possibility of covering everything you need to know on the topic in under 300 pages is impossible…right? Not when the person writing the guide is Laurie Davis, the eFlirtExpert and author of the new book, Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating (out January 8, 2013)....more

Think Twice, Think Nice

Every girl should be so lucky to have a guy friend like Bones. You know, the type that reminds you that not all guys are emotionally-constipated jagoffs looking to score. I mean yes, my core group of guy friends (which includes Wolf and Taz) are generally pretty great, but they have their jerky tendencies. Bones though, for all his sarcastic wit, would be hard-pressed to even fake jerkiness....more

The M Word

You would think that with 100% Caribbean blood flowing through my veins like Meyer’s rum, I’d be better equipped to deal with this grossly sticky heat wave swamping NYC at the moment. You would, apparently be wrong. My current defense against heat stroke seems to be, “shut off brain, direct all blood flow to extremities, and please for the love of god find me a fan.” Hence, zero bloggage over the last couple days. My brain overheated and could barely handle its normal tasks, writing was out of the question....more