Why is it so important.. to wash your face before bed?

”Why is it so important to wash your face before bed?”We have all been there, its late, your makeup still looks good and you are just too tired to remove it so you slip into bed with a made up face.  The next morning we awaken to a dirty pillow and smeared mascara so we wash our face and start the day over again with a fresh coat of makeup. What is missing from this picture? Down time! We all need down time, and so does our skin....more

My Favorite Beauty Books

I am often asked where I have learned so many of the tips and techniques I write about here, and the answer is easy – Books!Since it is Saturday and I am beat from pampering my lovely clients today, I am just going to give everyone a short reading list of my favorite beauty books!...more

What is your morning skincare routine?

It’s no secret that I love sharing skin care with people. The most common question I hear is “how do i keep my skin looking amazing?” and the answer is simple; proper home care. You can be loyal to getting your monthly facial, but it you are not keeping up with your day to day routine, you will not see the results you desire.  I recommend a strong clinical strength skin care line such as IMAGE to really keep your skin in shape....more

I'm going to NaBloPoMo! Will you join me?

For those of you wondering what NaBloPoMo stands for, it means National Blog Post Month. NaBloPoMo encourages bloggers to blog a post a day for an entire month. It is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and discover things about ourselves that we may have overlooked in our normal day to day or topical writings.I've decided to join this months NaBloPoMo in connection with BlogHer.com. I figure what a better way to kick off the new beginning of Cellar Door Beauty than a post a day!Today's topic?...more

Half Beauty, Half Beast

I have a beauty confession to make. Or perhaps, I should say beastly confession to make. Everyone has a good side they like to pose in photos with. Now usually our “good side” is all in our minds and we look fabulous from any angle. In my case, that just is not true. I suffer from severe Linear Scleroderma. In a nutshell, collagen overproduction has attacked my healthy muscle tissues and replaced them, for better lack of a word, with scar tissue. ...more
has anything changed for you since you've written this article?more

Beauty Products That Should Retire - Petrolatum Lip Balms

Welcome to today's installment in the Classic Beauty Products Tha...more

'Twas The Night Before Graduation

So I have finished Esthetician School. It has been a long uphill climb in which I learned much about skin, makeup, anatomy and myself. My graduation ceremony is tomorrow and I have yet to feel it hit me. There is a block in my mind that keeps saying "you aren't there yet" I hope it hits me tomorrow and I feel all the joy I should be feeling. Since I am so anxious right now, I am putting it into the universe that I would really like to be struck with unrestrained joy. Also, as a side note, I ask that the unrestrained joy does not result from a psychotic break into mania....more

Owning My Beauty Past High School: I Am Proud of Who I'm Becoming

One day, my mother picked me up early for a doctor's appointment, and as we were taking a shortcut down an alley, I saw the prettiest, skinniest girl and remarked to my mother that I wished I looked like her. To my astonishment, my mother informed me that I had not seen the entire picture. I had only noticed a skinny, pretty brunette walking down the alley. What I failed to notice was her arms crossed over her stomach, her reddened face and the tears streaming down her cheek. How had I missed that? I was so consumed by jealousy and inferiority that I had failed to see the entire picture. I promised myself I would never forget that girl, or what I had failed to see. ...more

I wasn't as beautiful as you but I was really pretty, and I hated the attention I got. I ...more

5 Tips for Glowing Holiday Skin

Thanksgiving is just around the corner heralding the onslaught of...more

Until I was in school for skin care therapy, I thought I was crazy in thinking I had 2 skin ...more

A Bittersweet Day

(I apologize for the double post, in my rush to post before school, i failed to notice I posted the wrong draft to BlogHer.com Sorry Ladies!) Now on to the cruelty free beauty! ...more