Easy Spread

Do you love to entertain?  I have a simple recipe, a yummy one, so easy to do and prepare! You will hold this dear, especially if you are caught unaware that you have to bring a dish, or is suddenly ambushed by Hubby's friends for a drink at home :-)   Read morehttp://catwifeinbkk.blogspot.com/2011/02/easy-spread.htmlCATwife (aka Mia)...more

My Blog Has Been Deleted!!! Please help me. Anyone?

I appeal to anyone who can help me recover my three blogs.  They were all deleted and I could not access anymore.  I feel so lost.  I feel that my life has been erased.   I use blogger for three of these blogs :  Catwife in Bkk, Catwife in Sing and Just Add Inspiration.    ...more

They are back today, a little worse for wear.

Go change every password you have everywhere on ...more

Wrapping Up For Christmas

The Holidays are not meant to just receive but give.  Learn how to make your gifts more exciting and fun.  Wrap them with style and flair.  It's a whole new gift giving experience :-)  http://catwifeinbkk.blogspot.com/2010/12/wrapping-up-for-christmas.html  CATwife (aka Mia)...more

How I know My Husband Loves me (still)....


Quintessentially Thai : Mango Sticky Rice!

Visit and explore: Phuket , Thailand

I just recently spent  four wonderful days in Phuket, Thailand (26-29 Oct 2010)  Since I live in Bangkok, it is easy to get to Phuket via plane, only less than an hour's travel.  The weather was perfect for us to explore the island and do the adventures it has to offer.  First of the list was Elephant Rides and Elephant Show!!  It was truly an amazing experience for us, especially because our toddler, Carmen, who is almost four was truly excited about being with live elephants. It thrilled her to death-- as much as it did us!...more

Just Add Inspiration

I have been gathering anything beautiful and inspiring,  from art, photography to food and fashion; and compiled them.  These is sort of my visual diary,  of something nice to look at, everyday as I wake up.   I want to share them with you all at :  Just Add Inspiration (http://justaddinspirationbymia.blogspot.com/) I hope you  enjoy what you see:-)  ...more

Dying Young

Weekend Market: Asian Version!

Asian weekend markets, I think, are very different from US or Europe.  Take for example the famous weekend market of Bangkok:  Chatuchak, which sits on a 35 acres and has about (between) 8,000 to 15,000 stalls!   And there are about 200,000 people of both local and tourists that come here every weekend!  Now beat that.  ...more