Two Souls United

When I ventured out to pick out a puppy last year, I had no idea what a significant part of my life this little soul would become. I had no idea that I would actually shed a tear when he had to stay at the vet for a night. I had no idea that I would actually enjoy the sound of his bark and even his shedding, yes his hair all over, because I know that these are indeed the things that I will one day miss. I love to hear him breathe and intoxicate myself with his puppy aroma. He won't be young forever and neither will I....more

Winter Is Lingering

It has been so very cold lately here in North Dakota. You hope that one of these days that it will be warm or at least be above zero and lately, that has been rare. It amazes me what a person is able to become used to. If you are exposed to something long enough, you are able to habituate, or get used to it. I am afraid that I have gotten used to the cold which I like to pretend just makes me an all around tougher person. I believe that those of us that can endure a North Dakota winter are able to endure anything that our lives throw at us....more