Before we leave the house...

I get tired of repeating myself. I get tired of repeating myself. I get tired of repeating myself ....more

Honest talk

We were at the museum today, and I took both kids into the ladies' restroom. We had it all to ourselves. As we were getting ready to leave, Zoodle pointed at the dispenser on the wall and said, "What does T-A-M-P-O-N-S spell?" I told him, and then explained what tampons and pads are used for ....more

Willpower Update

Remember that series on willpower that I did early this year? I've continued to see the ways that my life has been changed by the principles in the book The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, PhD. When I decided to take on the willpower challenge of decluttering my house, I had no idea what a big challenge it would be ....more

Kids and money, plus a review of Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

I've been teaching my kids how to do more chores around the house, and I've started paying them 25 cents per chore. (Some chores, like cleaning up their toys, are unpaid!) My stash of chore quarters We went to the mall Saturday, and both kids brought some money with them. Zoodle only had a little change, and he was quite disappointed that he couldn't find anything at all for under $1! ...more

Hey, that's not why I homeschool!

Homeschoolers are fundamentalist Christians, wearing long skirts and long, outdated hair. They have tons of kids (the more the better!), and they have few friends. Homeschooling parents want to shelter their kids from a long list of evils in the world ....more

Yummy Chicken Noodle Soup (A recipe. Sort of.)

Yesterday I made this: And it is super-yummy! I like making meals that don't require a bunch of measuring. So this "recipe" won't include measurements ....more

Nag, nag, nag

Recently The Engineer took the morning off work, and we went to lunch as a family before he headed into the office. Nothing fancy, just Del Taco. What a nice way to spend the middle of the day, right? ...more

Miss Chickie, the teacher

Well, ladies and gentlemen, our first school year homeschooling is officially over, and the kids have promoted to their new grades! ...more

I'm hanging on to this clutter spot

I am so happy to report that my decluttering efforts have continued, even though Sonnet and I finished our Willpower Experiment almost two months ago. I've settled into a three- or four-day-a-week routine of tackling clutter spots. Sometimes I'm even tackling one that I've tackled before. (That's usually the kitchen countertops or the school room, areas that just build up clutter so easily.) ...more

When being social is a learned skill

Did you feel socially awkward as a kid? I did. I felt different. And sometimes I felt lonely. You know what's crazy? As I talk to fellow adults now, I realize that many (maybe even most?) of us felt socially awkward as we grew up. And if lots and lots of us felt that way, I guess we really weren't as "different" as we thought we were. But the fact remains, it's hard when you don't feel like you fit ...more