Home Improvement - Just Like Marriage

Aaaaah, home ownership. A person’s stamp on the land when one can say, “This is mine!” It’s the American dream.            Until you need to update that dream.            Home renovations, a rite of passage. Or a form of 18th Century Mongolian torture. My vote is for the latter....more

Am I Really Spending $102 Dollars at Target When All I Need is a Box of Band-Aids?

Oh Target, how I wish I could quit you.But I can’t.Where else can one find sunscreen, lunch meat, and a seasonal handbag in one location? Don’t even think of mentioning another store because I will get into my car, drive over to your house with the Bulls-Eye dog and that maybe-she-needs-a-Ritalin blonde lady from the holiday commercials (you know, the one in the red sweat suit and heels – and who the hell wears heals to go shopping?), and slap some sense into you. I am a firm believer that if you can’t find it at Target, you can’t find it....more