smiley stuff.

with all the piano playing going on over here… i liked this video. i showed my girls and then said “ok… go play that!” ha ha ha they rolled their eyes at me. this was impressive ....more


In efforts of continuing to try to eat healthy meals and snacks… i bought this gadget: THE ORIGINAL ZOODLE SLICER ...more

four things.

1. prom 2. invisible fences 3 ....more

we’ve been

we’ve been watching Fixer Upper. like… all of them. we recorded them on demand so we’ve been binge watching ....more

mucho selfies…and other things

lots of phone pics of happy things the past week or so…. those mint green converse were at tjmaxx last week… run go get them for yourself!!! talby has officially reached my height!...more

old lamps are rad.

if i was a good DIY blogger i would have thought to take a photo of the lamp BEFORE this project. but i was too eager to start and my phone had just died. i found this lamp for $3 at a thrift shop probably two years ago ....more

monday goodness.

did you watch it? i am kind of agonizing about it starting again because i know it’s almost over again! i am tired of everyone quitting on me ....more

hope spoken weekend

well i am home from a really good weekend at Hope Spoken in Dallas. i have been trying to write this post for three days but life is busy! appointments and carpool and dinner and groceries and puppies and chickens and everything! ...more


Sundae. i love her puffy feathers! Fancy & Huevo ....more

we have been busy…

spring break is over half way done. my nieces were here since sunday. we have had a lot of fun so far ....more