this stenciled floor. this Big k on that cement wall. i love the font!! ...more

q&a part two

FIRST – ...more


i have been hesitant to write this post…it’s taken me an entire month! camp was SO GOOD...more

organized & a giveaway

i took on a big project this weekend. i was finally ready to organize the art supplies,...more

12 answers to 12 questions

i am going to start with some of the easy questions… and let my thoughts swirl a little longer on the deeper issues. ...more

the best.

we left town for three nights and four days last week. it was so good. it’s ALWAYS so good to get away! ...more

q & a

hi. in the past i have asked YOU if you had questions for me. and it has been fun ....more

i thought this

i thought this sounded genius and i am TOTALLY buying those two things at the store today. i am dying to share about Camp CREATE but i am awaiting a new computer. because mine died ....more

i love

i love 31Bits. i love the look but i even...more

10 things i am loving.

well my MAC is giving the blue screen of death. my husband thinks he can maybe fix it. i was planning on blogging about Camp CREATE but all the pics i have are on the laptop ....more