friday of a holiday weekend? the best. tonight we have HS football and i am hoping the rain stops ....more

the super hike

we talked about renting canoes or kayaks for this area (Colter Bay) but then decided on taking the boat tour. that way no one would tip, get soaked or drop oars and much less fighting would occur. the boat tour was a good choice ....more

ladies night

since we moved to this house and had the coop moved over here,...more


did you all see this? it’s amazing. what a HUGE victory! ...more


1. ...more

s m i l e

my 4 youngest kids started school today. it feels like we JUST got out on for summer break. i didn’t even get a tan line! ...more

next stop: wyoming

i think i have been to wyoming when i was a kid. at least i think there is a picture of me there with grandparents. i vaguely recall it ....more

local spots

after our super long hike that ended in rain, taking the wrong bus and a less than stellar dinner afterwards i just wanted to go to bed. but craig is much more fun than i am so he drove around a bit and found Tiny Town Mini Golf in Estes Park. i’m a sucker for vintage signs ....more

vacation rocks.

we started our vacation this year in colorado. we were staying in a hotel but we stopped by the YMCA of the Rockies. craig & i had been there in high school for a youth conference...more

family togetherness

I was reminiscing about family memories from my childhood and I asked my kids, “What are your most favorite memories of our family time?” Oh, it was so fun to hear their answers! The first thing shouted out was “CALIFORNIA!!” Such a great family vacation we had that year! We were able to fly there and then rent a car to explore the coast ....more