christmas at our house

well… i waited for the cleaning lady but wasn’t able to take pictures. then we had a two big group sod company. and lots of other things ....more

alright. so it’s

alright. so it’s been a whole week since i blogged. that’s a long time! ...more

thursday morning thoughts.

i have been quiet… unintentionally. just doing the mom thing over here. staying in pajamas far too late everyday, decorating, christmas shopping, going to programs, ball games, getting groceries, etc ....more

my usual random thoughts…

i have ideas for my day. 1. workout as soon as i finish writing this blog post. 2. clean my bedroom – put away my laundry 3 ....more

Project Hunger

i was asked by Unilever &...more

our gigantic list of favorite movies

our family is kind of crazy for movies. we always have been. i have loved to watch movies since i saw my very first one… ....more

family photos!

this. Blue Lily sent us our photos. and i absolutely LOVE them… ....more

thanksgiving ideas….

thanksgiving is not my holiday… i am not a foodie…i’ve never made a turkey…. i don’t looove turkey… it’s always been a weird not-so-awesome day to me. BUT i try ....more


well…. so far nothing has been what i thought it would be the past three or four days. i did pull off the 10 year old slumber...more

November Sponsors

Each Craft Weekend we have sponsors that send their product for our guests to enjoy. it is so fun to watch everyone open all the packages and squeal with delight. our sponsors are so generous! ...more