heart day!

according to the united states of america i am supposed to be watching the Super Bowl right now. but i have been to so many games in the last three days that i could literally NOT care one tiny bit. i saw that beyonce forgot her pants again this year and that was...more

organization made beautiful

i got the most fun package in the mail! emily from jones design co. sent me the Paper Works February Collection ....more

my friends and compassion

three of my online-turned-real-life friends are on a special trip with Compassion International this week with their sons! i am loving getting to follow...more

an hour on pinterest

follow along with me as i click-click-clicked my way through pinterest this morning. (click on photo for source) how cute are these?! they had me at sprinkles… speaking of cute AND tiny…...more


WOW!!!! i was so amazed it brought me to tears. that is definitely a gift from god ....more


on instagram a few days ago i asked for topics to share about here on the blog. i love hearing from you! some topics mentioned were: – parenting tips for survival and sanity with schedules – parenting teen girls – dealing with mean girls – how do we handle kids with phones and social media – parenting regrets – parenting big kids and staying close as they grow up – what are your...more

monday report of nothing but everything.

my giant barn doors finally came inside this weekend!! HOORAY! i am in love with how they change the space ....more

super yummy granola

my friend julianna made me some crazy good granola! i ate it all right away. she shared...more


i honestly FORGET to exercise. and FORGET to eat well. i get stuck on auto pilot ....more


ok…. the kids have gone back to school. i got one day to myself (or technically just a half day) ....more