January CW sponsors

Each Craft Weekend we have loads of super, amazing, GENEROUS sponsors! These are all crafty small businesses or creative endeavors that i love supporting! THANK YOU to every sponsor! ...more

craft weekend 2015

our 10 week break seemed to fly by like breaks usually do. but with Craft Weekend being my job it’s pretty easy to enjoy getting going again. we had another sweet group who were so nice to spend the weekend...more

well… this is

well… this is a big year for me. i turn 40 in september. (pause for effect) that’s ridiculous ....more


ok… thank you so much for watching Alex’s video and liking it. BUT… I TOLD YOU THE WRONG INFORMATION!!! so i need you to click over to the ACU LIVEUP website and vote on that site ....more

tuesday already?

Craft Weekend was totally super like always. we crafted the nights away… shopped all day… ate too much good stuff. i’ll blog all about next monday ....more

a path appears

this is heavy but so compelling. i have already set my dvr ....more


I found this list through pinterest of what i am currently doing… so fun! READING…. Just started Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton...more

smoothies (and margaritas)

i got the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse ...more

my train of thought.

it got REALLY cold here this weekend. for some reason that got me thinking about “the good old days” of warm weather and summer and sunshine. i said to craig across the living room “remember our patio at the farm house?” he said “Yes. ....more

2014 in photos

what a fun way to remember! i was going through Instagram and Facebook, seeing so many posts on what they learned this year. and their word for the year ....more