i like thursdays because they are close to fridays. i used to love thursdays because of must see tv… but i don’t really watch much...more

winners and pins

Talby’s fundraiser went above and beyond what we were hoping for! because of your awesomeness… she raised 117% of her goal for His Safe Haven! that is so cool ....more

i love friday!

i mean really… who doesn’t love friday? and for me i really love a Craft Weekend friday. (it means there are margaritas at the end of the day) i am all packed and ready to head to the Craft House for the weekend… after i workout & shower ....more


thank you so much to EVERYONE who has donated to His Safe Haven! Talby has been so excited to see all the donations come in for these kids in Liberia. seriously… it’s SO COOL! ...more

want to workout with me?

i got distracted on pinterest while looking for fitness things… with vintage. and wow are these fun! oh my ....more

the good & the not-so-good & the good again.

so much has been happening. i bet the same is true for you. thursday was lauren’s birthday ....more

His Safe Haven

when i went to Liberia in July my friend Pam said “hey… my friend christina is on the same flight as you! hook up with her” i was nervous and tempted to say nothing at all. but i was more nervous of the navigating the liberian airport by myself ....more


all day i was going to blog. and all day i just never could get to it. so here i am at 10:00 writing the bloggy blog ....more

January CW sponsors

Each Craft Weekend we have loads of super, amazing, GENEROUS sponsors! These are all crafty small businesses or creative endeavors that i love supporting! THANK YOU to every sponsor! ...more

craft weekend 2015

our 10 week break seemed to fly by like breaks usually do. but with Craft Weekend being my job it’s pretty easy to enjoy getting going again. we had another sweet group who were so nice to spend the weekend...more