loving the deck…

since the beginning of july i have spent every evening (and morning) out on the deck. all the heart eyes! so this was our deck….BEFORE ....more

Annie’s first pie

craig was gone for the weekend and i mentioned to annie that we should surprise him with an apple pie when he got back. i said “you could make it yourself… he’d be so happy!” and that was all it took. who doesn’t love to use the Apple Peeler-Corer ? ...more

7 things to love on a monday!

i love...more

meg’s week of summer… part 2

it feels like a long time ago already but my super-fun-week-of-no-mom-business continued after the beach with my girlfriends. ...more

Mini Campout in the backyard

our family is busy – ...more

i’m loving…

well… i’m home. another trip and lots of driving and packing/unpacking/more laundry. i love to be taking trips and adventuring but i also LOVE being home! ...more

Coca-Cola Backyard Camping

Our family is busy - I am guessing yours is too! Finding time to be together as a family can be a challenge as they get older. There are softball games, basketball tournaments, friends, camps and summer jobs. Even with all the demands for everyone's time... we are constantly trying to carve out family time any way we can because it is important to us. So... we had a mini campout!...more

Meg’s week of summer – part one!

if your friend has a beach house &...more

one on one

i took annie on a little overnight getaway to see some friends of our friends. we drove three hours away and stopped for treats when we felt like it. when i have them one-on-one its fun to be able to say YES all the time ....more

Talby’s room

i always like...more