Meg’s week of summer – part one!

if your friend has a beach house &...more

one on one

i took annie on a little overnight getaway to see some friends of our friends. we drove three hours away and stopped for treats when we felt like it. when i have them one-on-one its fun to be able to say YES all the time ....more

Talby’s room

i always like...more

summer happiness.

you guys… this summer is so good!! i am loving it. every day! ...more

summer drinks!

i vow to try my very best to prepare every single one of these drinks this summer! maybe you need to join that party? Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco The Gin Fizz Campari Mojito Peach Wine Slushies ...more

cleaning our kitchen

summer has been a whirlwind already. my kiddos are all signed up for sports of every kind. it’s been a revolving door of kids coming and going at all times of the morning and night ....more

12 crafts for kids

i used to make lots of crafts with my kids. i am not anti-craft now but they are older and its just not how we spend our time together as often. BUT even if they are from years past… they are...more


it’s safe to say we are enjoying the warm weather and spending LOTS of time outside. this was in my flower bed. yeah… ....more

the Craft House

i think you need to come to The Craft House with your friends! ...more

have you heard

have you heard of the Women of Faith Conferences? they are all over… Oklahoma to Florida to California and every where in between. it’s a two day conference filled with loads of speakers and entertainment ....more