my october meals

i am feeling ON IT as far as meals this month. (at least i feel it somewhere right????) i used my PaperWorks meal planning calendar. annie gave me some...more


last week i got to get away for some girlfriend time. it was just what i was needing! i met up with my friend...more

september is over???

one of my top...more

New 31Bits and a giveaway!

31BITS has a big announcement today! they are starting a new adventure working with Artisans in Bali!!! ...more

Camp Create Sponsors

My camp sponsors are THE BEST!!! they send us the loveliest gifts and it feels like christmas morning for our guests! i pick each sponsor...more

Camp Create Fall 2016

well another camp is in the books! each camp brings such...more

Fair Trade Friday

i love to share about organizations that are changing the world. i am inspired when i read about women who see a need and get busy helping. when they find ways to empower women in poverty through...more

back to school ’16

another school year has begun. annie in 6th grade… talby is a freshman… sean a sophomore… scott in college! whaaaat?? ...more

my summer happy spot

we spend most summer & fall evenings outside on the back porch. and right now all the plants are bursting out of their pots and it’s so colorful! i loved getting back into gardening again after taking a break for a few years ....more

5 days in colorado

we left early in the morning which was not fun for anyone but about 20 minutes into the trip everyone had settled in and our car was silent and looked empty for the first few hours. ...more