Quick Weeknight Meal: Tempeh Skillet Salad

Let me start with a confession. I don't really know what to call this dish. Because it's all vegetable, some might be inclined to call it a salad. However, it starts in a skillet. Does that make it a stir fry? Can a dish be both a salad and a stir fry at the same time? What is our obsession with categorizing dishes, anyway? ...more

Vegan Food Swap Reveal! October 2012 edition

Typically, Vegan Food Swap reveals are posted on the last day of the month in which the swap occurred. I broke my own rule for this, the final swap of 2012, by slacking off and waiting to post the reveal two weeks late. Why? No special reason. Just life. We've all been there, right? ...more

Vegan Food Swap Reveal! September 2012 edition

Thanks to everyone else who continues to make the Vegan ...more

Vegan Food Swap Reveal! August 2012 edition

Is it really the end of August already? Wow! I didn't even manage to post any new recipes in August, which makes me feel like the lamest food blogger on the planet. But don't worry, dear readers, because you didn't actually miss anything exciting. I lived August without a working stove, so I really just ate a lot of salads and almond butter sandwiches, for the most part. It was good food, but not very exciting. ...more

Guest Post: Vegan Food Swap Reveal Bonus!

This month, as part of the Vegan Food Swap, I was matched up to send a box to Kyleigh of The Only Vegan I Know. I hope she won't be calling herself that for very long, because she lives just north of Seattle and I know a lot of my Pacific Northwest vegan peoples would be happy to make a new friend! Kyleigh was kind enough to do a little write up on the goodies I sent to her this ...more

Vegan Food Swap Reveal: July 2012

We're into Month #4 of the US Vegan Food Swap and I'm so pleased to report that it's still going strong! I love bringing together vegans from across the US to share goodies from their necks of the woods.  ...more

Fall in Love with Salad: Part 2

This is the second part of a 4-part series on falling in love with salad. To read about adding variety with different salad greens, check out Part 1 of the series here. When real hunger strikes, many people think that a salad just will not do. ...more

Fall in Love with Salad: Part 1

I've fed many an omnivore in my time. I never set out to make anyone love salad, but time and again, I've done it. This is me, doing a little victory dance for greenery, right here.  ...more

Vegan Food Swap Reveal: June 2012

June is the third month I've hosted the monthly US Vegan Food Swap, and it's rolling right along! The Vegan Food Swap is a program where bloggers and readers alike sign-up to be matched with two people: one person to send a box to, and one person to receive a box from. We all collect items specific to our recipient's tastes and dietary restrictions, and ship the goods around the middle of the month. At the end of each month, ...more

It's Just a Salad

When summer comes, the temperatures soar, and I begin to yearn for a nocturnal lifestyle more than ever, one other important shift occurs in my daily habits. I lose my appetite. I blame the heat, primarily, for this wicked punishment. These days, I'm still dreaming of freshly baked bread, hearty casseroles, and savory warm dishes. I just don't really feel like eating them. So, naturally, I will turn to salads for most of my meals from, say, now until the ...more