Under the Tuscan Sun

A little recap of our trip to Italy earlier this year. For a few glorious days I lived in Tuscany. ...more

Thankful at Home tour

It’s the time of year when I like to reflect on the past year, and count my blessings, which are many. The year has had its ups and downs, but I choose to focus on the good and not the bad. I think we are much happier at the end of the day, if we […] The post Thankful at Home tour appeared first on Cedar Hill Farmhouse ....more

The Scoop #143

The magazine photo shoot at my house is over, yippeee!! I loved the talented people that came to my house and they did a splendid job, but the mess, oh the mess. Think about what your home would look like if a small child was allowed to run around your house, pulling everything out of […] The post The Scoop #143 appeared first on Cedar Hill Farmhouse ....more

Antique Fireplace Screen

Do you ever buy something, then redo it, then redo the redo? ...more

All About Grain Sacks

I love working with grain sacks. The fabric is so full of texture and history. My friend Ann...more

Display towels on a Vintage Ladder

Industrial style is so hot right now, and that includes these old beat up vintage ladders. ...more

The Scooop #142

Happy Monday and I am so glad you are back!! Welcome back to The Scoop! The weekly party featuring the scoop on the best from around the web! ...more

Country French Baskets

Country French design is full of French baskets. Some of my baskets are French baskets, some are English and others are American. ...more

Statues in Decor

Do you know what one of the biggest secrets is to getting a home to look ...more

Neutral Rugs Add Calm

Once upon a time my entire home was red. Everything was red, well not everything, but a lot of things were. In the girls’ room at the farm (one bed per child, plus an extra for a friend) I decided to go more neutral ....more