Adult Costume Shopping

It was beautiful Sunday. The Weather was sunny and hopes for a great day were high. The morning started off innocently enough and I even took the time to make eggs for the beasties. And toast....more

The Grass (or Hotdog) is always Greener

Caillou is going down

Caillou has become an institution in my sons TV library. I'm not sure how or when it started- possibly during the early years of complete parental ignorance and confusion, and having 2 children within 17 months might have contributed to it as well. There must have been a time where relative peace and quiet trumped quality of parenting. I hope my lovely wife and I were just too exhausted to pay enough attention to what we put on the TV for him....more
Hahaha! If there is one thing I do not miss it is Caillou! Wait until you have to watch Zac and ...more

Will Pee for Soup

Quinn is weeks shy of turning 2. In the last month she has loudly proclaimed 'POTTY' no less than 100 times and actually gone the the bathroom and successfully peed in the toilet- 3 times so far. (Pretty far below the Mendoza line for you baseball fans)I'm not one of those parents who thinks this borders on precocious behavior....more

'Eff The Easter Bunny

It's been 3 days since the worst best day a toddler can have- Easter. I'm still recovering and don't expect to be able to carry on intelligent conversations until the wine cellar runs dry....more

I need to tip better next time...

I love to eat in restaurants. I have always appreciated the entire experience that an evening out with my beautiful wife has to offer....more

Food for Thought

Quinn starts most mornings with 2 bananas. Starts.She's 19 months old. It sounds excessive because it is. I understand as the adult in these transactions I should impact and change this ritual of gluttony- but you see, I can't. She demands 'NANA'! more NANA!! with an increasing hostility that makes me dread her entry into the 'terrible two's'....more
Hey there, Chris! What a great Daddy post. Love hearing your frustration mount as the couch ...more

Dude, stop licking that....

In dealing with my 3 year old I've found it challenging to interact with him on pretty much every level that has made me a proud, responsible and productive member of society....more
Thanks for joining us ... good to hear from a dad sharing curveballs of parenting!   Welcome, Isabelmore

Whats behind Door #3

Both of my beasties sleep well- they're down for 11-12 hours most nights. I don't take this for granted but also think theres some hint of Darwin theory involved for everyones sake.  Miller has his own bed, which means he can get out of it whenever he wants. He's generally great at staying put minus those random episodes where he shows up in our room at 3 AM after a bad dream. (why is it always 3 AM?) Those nights are akin to Wrestle Mania, but in the dark....more