Aunt Mamie's Heart

Many of you have inquired about how Meems is doing. ...more

So, You Want to Know How to Decorate Sugar Cookies...

I've had a lot of requests for cookie decorating lessons. ...more

Close Your Eyes and I'll Kiss You

Press play. ...more

When's My Doctor's Appointment?

The Meems calls me every week to ask me about her upcoming doctor appointments. Brrrrrrring-brrrrrrring. "Hello!" "When do I get my teeth cleaned?" Brrrrrrring-brrrrrrring ....more

Blue Skies Smilin' at Me

File Photo: ...more

This Ad...I Just...

I rarely look at the grocery ads in the Sunday paper. ...more

57 Used to Look So Old

It's probably not a good idea to visit a college campus the weekend before a birthday when you're my age. ...more

Car Talk: A+ for Cindee

I pick up Meems and Leonard for church on Sundays. ...more

Mimi Van Winkle

(from "I love to sleep." ...more

Diary of a Wimpy Woman

January 21, 2014Dear Diary, I can't believe that I sat through a whole movie clenching the arms of my seat pulling myself forward to allow Mr. Wiggles more leg room. ...more