the lost art of focus

In our fast-paced, 24/7 world, multitasking is a highly coveted skill. On resumes, we proudly boast of our ability to juggle multiple tasks at once. In daily life, we marvel at our mastery in manuevering across multiple devices. We congratulate ourselves for being multitasking machines--able to do more stuff in less time. Faster. Better. More...but at what price?...more

7 Life Lessons on the Cusp of 40

I've still got time...nine months to be exact. But the reminders have been hitting me like a battering ram. One by one, friends have been dropping like flies, entering the realm of the dreaded “big 4-0”—or anxiously awaiting the bomb to drop in far less ceremonial fashion than the new year’s eve ball in times square....more

How much longer? Road Trip Reflections on Life, Death and What We Can Learn from Steve Jobs' Passing

Another road trip. This time to celebrate a truly momentous occasion: my dad’s 75th birthday. A big party was planned. My brother was flying in from the west coast. Loads of people had rsvp’d to attend this amazing milestone: three-quarters-of-a-century of a life well-lived, and largely devoted to enriching the lives of others through his warmth, eternal optimism, intellectual curiosity and legendary cooking....more

In Vino Veritas: In Wine, There is Truth

“In wine there is the truth.” It’s a latin phrase that refers to the remarkable ability of wine to bring out people’s true feelings. We’ve all been there before: several glasses in, feeling a warm glow, inhibitions wiped away…and the truth comes out—sometimes for the good, other times…well…you might just hope that the truth serum comes with a memory-eraser so you don’t have to relive the silly, embarrassing or awkward moments of truth spurred on by the multiple glasses of liquid courage you just consumed....more

Freefalling: on motherhood, losing it all, and the legacy you leave behind

Whenever I travel, I have my routine. Preprint boarding pass. Get through security. If it’s a morning flight, a stop at Starbucks for an oatmeal and a grande skim latte. If it’s afternoon, off to feast on one of my favorite, airport-only guilty pleasures: a freshly baked aunt annie’s pretzel dog served piping hot with a side of yellow mustard. Next up, the newsstand for a gossip mag and a jumbo bottle of fiji water. Neatly pack my suitcase on the way in. Throw it all back in on the rush to get home....more