Night-time worries

Silly me. I thought that colds and flu had flown from our household. We have all had our bouts of illness this winter and I innocently thought we were finished. As I said before....silly me. Actress spent yesterday lazing on the sofa with vague complaints of not feeling well. She woke me about 3 am this morning , again complaining of not feeling well, but now she had the chills and a fever. We did the medicine bit and cuddled on the sofa, waiting for the meds to kick in. Like a good mommy I went to get her a drink, when she comes rushing in to spit a mouthful of BLOOD in the sink! Yes, BLOOD! ...more

Thank God this year is almost over!

December 31, 2007. I thought this year would never end. I'm normally an optimistic, sunny-side up kind of gal but this year has been the year to convince me (almost) that the sun had taken a permanent vacation from my life. ...more