The Other Looming Spending Battle - the Debt Ceiling

Centerist Cynic  Congress purchased a two week extension in the battle over the 2011 budget on March 2.   Hopefully Congress and the White House will be able to work out their deep differences and avoid a shutdown of the Federal Government before the clock runs out on March 18th..  (See my previous posts here and ...more

What Americans Don't Know About Wealth Distribution

Centerist Cynic Recently an online panel was conducted of 5,000 Americans to find out how their perceptions of wealth distribution in the US compared to the actual distribution of wealth and what the survey respondents stated they would like the distribution of wealth to be.The chart below shows how wrong these survey respondents were about the current distribution of wealth.   Just as important, it shows what the survey respondents think the distriubiton of wealth...more

Are Taxes Like Laws Against Murder?

This opinion piece by Robert H....more

Budget Battles Begin Over Republicans Proposed $61 Billion In Cuts

Centerist Cynic We are in the beginning stages of a Federal budget battle.  So here are some of the basics.  The current fight is over both the 2011 and 2012 budgets.  What is taking center stage currently though is what is called a Continuing Resolution for 2011.  The United States is currently operating without a formal 2011 budget.  The Federal Government is being kept open by a stop gap measure called a continuing resolution that provides funding through March 4, 2011....more

Tough State Budget Cuts Are Inevitable

Centerist Cynic The combined budget shortfall of all 50 states is somewhere around $125 billion.  There is little or no appetite for raising taxes in the state houses.  States are forced by their constitutions to balance their budgets.  There is little chance the federal aid that allowed states to avoid deep cuts in 2009 and 2010 will be make it out of Congress this year.  That is the situation and it will require states to make deep funding cuts in&...more

Corporate Tax Rates Are Stifling (Some) American Businesses

Centerist Cynic It looks like President Obama and Republicans are starting to agree on an overhaul of the US Corporate Tax system.  In case you missed the discussion so far, I’ll try and recap it for you. Think tanks that trend toward the conservative side, conservative political pundits, and conservative politicians have long been saying our corporate tax rates are among the highest in the world and stifling economic growth.  These groups usually base a lot of their discuss...more

My Thoughts On Tucson

In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, America has been having conversations that are long over due.   Across new and old media outlets discussions about the rights and care of the mentally ill, gun rights and the “negative tone” of the political debate in the United States are taking place. It is the discussions about “negative tone” that have captured my attention the most.  Politicians and commentators have been calling for civility and unity.  Many wonderful speeches have been made that lead us to believe even our most strident politicians and commentators can...more