Yolanda Foster Bashing Doctor-Author Forgot To Research Lyme Disease (Part One)

This is part one (focusing on the science) of a response to a recent article which questioned Real Housewives star Yolanda Foster's Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis and claimed that there is "no good evidence" that Chronic Lyme Disease exists....more

Deer Ticks Confirmed in North Dakota Carry Lyme Disease and Important Implications for ‘Non-Lyme’ States

Recent findings published in the Journal of Medical Entomology carry critically important implications for Lyme Disease detection in Montana and other states currently not considered Lyme endemic....more

A few links to come

In lieu of an option to delete a post, I'll add some post links here.......more

The Loveliest Little Earthquake ~ Friday Night In Montana

Western Montana has had three earthquakes in the last seven days.  No one I know took note of the first two (each 3.7) but just about everyone in a three town radius felt the 4.5 earthquake Friday night, and many people nearest me (a few miles from the epicenter) heard it as well....more

Why a Spreadsheet Could (But Probably Won't) Lead to More Sex In Your Relationship

First of all, a husband actually tried this, and might have saved his marriage and avoided internet infamy by realizing that the best route to more and better sex is almost always communication. ...more

On-Line Identity Crisis: My Long Break From Non-Illness Blogging

Last Spring, following a ridiculous level of workplace stress (predominantly drama-related rather than related to actual job duties, unfortunately, but sadly inescapable, despite best efforts of multiple levels of managers) my Lyme symptoms, including reduced facial movement and a lot of pain, started coming back.I talked to my boss and tried to wrap up projects, but the drama displaced constructive work time, symptoms increased, and project planning got way-layed, so that stepping back from the situation took far longer than I should have let it....more

Lyme Warriors ~ Lyme Disease Politics, Science, and Activism

You may have seen headlines in the past year about the increasing number of Lyme cases in the United States, or about the dramatic increase in the estimated number of annual cases.  But unless you've been afflicted with this illness or have known someone with it, you probably have no idea how infectious this topic can be, even aside from the illness itself....more

Survivors of Employment Discrimination Tend Not to Blog About It

I posted the following in one of my (neglected) blogs today:Why people don't blog about discrimination   ...more

Figure Eights (30 posts in 30 Days)

As I rounded out the first year of blogging, and the second year of chronic illness, I discovered the motivational value of 30 posts in 30 days campaings and national blog post month.  It is easy to get carried away, which in retrospect, I did.  I participated with multiple blogs, in fact....more

Bread and Roses Post ~ Roller Derby (how I almost spent my last normal day)

The very last day that I felt (mostly) normal was a Wednesday during Spring of 2010.  I had emailed the roller derby recruitment person about comingto their recruitment night that evening. I felt like I was coming down with a cold, though, and didn't want to spread it around.  I emailed them that I wouldn't make it after all so I didn't spread germs (which the person I emailed said she appreciated)....more