Why people don't blog about discrimination

I posted the following in one of my (neglected) blogs today:Why people don't blog about discrimination   ...more

Figure Eights (30 posts in 30 Days)


Hello BlogHer ~ Blogging, coping, and social media

Before blogging, I didn't think sites like twitter were for me.  I wasn't sure that blogging was for me.  But I found community after community full of health writers, moms, Chronic fatigue patients, moms with Chronic fatigue, photographers, endless other specific niche communities, and hoards of people sharing hope. I started at a time when my mind was somehow starting to thin out and clear away some of my CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) brain fog....more

Blogshare ~ CFS blog worth reading, great post on feeling 'apart'

CFS blog to check out....relevant post for chronic illness patients: Learning to Live With CFS: Living in a World Apart http:/...more