Are You a Homebody? You May Be Saving a Whole Lot of Money

Over the last few weeks I made a big change in my career, and with this slumping economy I decided not to go out for the next month or so. The only time I went out was for my brother's birthay, which I couldn't miss. But otherwise, I respectfully turned down my friends, chosing to stay home with my family.  ...more

Dealing with Overly Demanding Mothers

Many mothers tell me, including my own, that I have no idea what I'm talking about because I have no children of my own. I am not married, and I have no idea who it feels to be a married-woman-with-children. ...more

2009 = A Brand New Class, in a Brand New Era

Ten years ago I doubt I would have sat in the class I sat in today. My class is an English graduate seminar in Contemporary African American literature. It is taught by an African American professor. The professor is a woman. So you don't believe me when I say this would not have happened in 1999? It would not because our president was not Barack Obama.   ...more