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I'm always looking and always finding something new on our blogrolls. In My Shoes Maybe we should all have her caveat on our site: "I reserve the right to publish anything that you write to me on this site... so make it something good." ...more

Thanks, McEwen. Looking forward to your thoughts on my musings.

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Bringing My "A" Game

The last few weeks have been a lesson in what I’m willing to give and what I’m willing to change. My life has been a lesson in lessons. I have no time to be a victim I only have time to change, to give and to move on. ...more

No matter where we are or what we do most of us make choices based upon what our heart tells us. ...more

Want to know about me, just ask my blog

A lot of my friends ask me how I would feel safe with so much of myself on the web. I’ve always been out in the open. I have few personal boundaries. So few, if you happen to be staying with me on a Sunday morning you might see me naked. You would cringe but I would still stand in the kitchen making my coffee staring at the morning traffic and not notice you frantic trying to cover your eyes against the train wreck that resembles my thighs. That’s just how it goes; I consider my blog the anti-stalker, the anti-gossip colum or the "ibetyouwishyouneverlookedthere" magazine. ...more

i really like the way you think see im only 17 so when i say things like these to my fellow ...more

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Kristin O’Keeffe, Shanghai Adventures of a Trailing Spouse Whether it’s the unique layout or the writing, I don’t know what it is about this blog but I read it for hours and hours. A perfect match between photos and text makes this a relaxing yet entertaining read. ...more

I keep trying to sign off today and get some other work done, but I had to go see what you were ...more

First days of school

There are a few days a year that can literally take over life as we know it. It takes over schedules, includes rushing, yelling, dread, happiness and sometimes relief. My Mother always felt relieved when we went back to school. A few hours peace is all she asked for. ...more

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Isn’t Happy Friday the most perfect name for a blog? I would go there every day just to see in bright bold letters, “Happy Friday.” I know its only Tuesday but it felt good to just write it. ...more

Life and Death and Fear

As a child my life was full of opportunities to live or die. The immediate choices were often contemplated and weighted against the consequence. I lived a life of fear and consequence; now I live my life and when I find fear, I find a cliff to throw it from. ...more

Wow, I really relate. I'll take your advice <:more

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Notes To Self has the best description of my fear of flying. The best part; she has solutions for the airline industry. ...more

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As you write, your manifesto appears before your very eyes. Desperate Working Mama, A video blog mixed with more traditional blogging. Cats blog is self-described as; ...more

Thanks a ton for these lovely links.

Girl en ...more

Ignore or get rid of the creep on your blog

I can say that I’ve had very few bad experiences on my blog. I can also say this about internet dating, online chatting and MySpace. I don’t know why I’ve been so lucky when others seem to be brimming over with bad stories. Of course, we all knew that my little peice of internet utopia would be blown to bits by an undesiralbe some day. ...more

As one who is brand-spanking new to blogging, I've not yet had to deal with these ...more