What will we tell the children?

I rode through our safe childhood streets on my customised bike {a boy's bike that Dad thriftily spray-painted pink} as an eleven year old with the world on my shoulders....more

Being a Mother AND Being You.

I certainly didn't stop being me the day I became a mother, though I did lose myself for a little while ... now you have to work out how be a mother and be you.' - Francesca Newby ...more

Hi. It's ME here.

Hi there. My name is Chantelle. I blog over at http://fatmumslim.blogspot.com I've been a member here for a few months but I have no idea to use this place... and would love to figure it out. So if you see me around the traps looking a little lost, push me in the right direction. :)   Nice to meet you all (in advance!) ...more