The Garden Conversation

I grew up listening to...more

Down and Dirty

Spring is here in East Tennessee and that means I am getting Down and Dirty in my flower beds with my Weeding Wonder Tool....more

Narrow Angle Glaucoma

In between all the DIY, creating, gardening, parenting and blogging, there is real life. Things outside our control… Like the day about 3 years ago that I found out I was at risk for a Narrow Angle Glaucoma attack. Never heard of it, ever....more

Transplanting Seedlings

Our cucumber and squash seeds have transformed into healthy seedlings and are ready for a new home....more

I quit my day job for this!

Three years ago we moved from North Carolina to Tennessee. I left my job as an assistant Child Care director at Wake Forest Baptist hospital and became a stay at home mom. We bought our first ‘real” house and I was excited to start decorating....more

DIY Space Saving Seed Starter

Want to start plants for your garden indoors but short on space? Start 91 seeds in this DIY space saving seed starter!...more

Times they are a changing…

I like Dylan now. Somehow he has grown on me over the years and no words could be truer than The Times They are a Changing... It’ll soon shake your windows And rattle your walls For the times they are a-changin I don’t like this time of year, February/March with its bipolar weather and early […] The post Times they are a changing… appeared first on Chaotically Creative ....more

Seeds, Seedlings and Plants

I love to garden and have experimented with Seeds, Seedlings and Plants for years. I am no Master Gardener, never took the course, just trial and error…over time. ...more

Seed Plug Tray

It is that time of year for...more

The Great Dust Bowl

The Staircase Front Hall Monster Makeover has stirred up the Great Dust Bowl around here! A major project like this always does. Even though a fresh coat of paint will totally transform this space, chunky layers of paint, old...more