What Does It Mean to Be Empowered?

Empowerment a concept that frequently comes up in discussions about sexuality. How can you tell if someone who wants to give oral sex, try anal sex, or have an open relationship is doing it because it's what they genuinely desire? In a world in which our likes and dislikes are shaped and limited by the world around us, how do we know whether our choices are empowered or not? ...more
This is an excellent exposition on what it means to be true to yourself - not just in sex, but ...more

How to Have a Happy Threesome

Ah, the threesome. Is there anything that inspires so many fantasies? And is there anything as likely to cause complications in your relationship? Threesomes can be amazing fun, but only when you set them up right. Here are some useful tips to make sure that everyone is getting what they want. (This is written for couples looking for a third person -- there are some different things to think about when you’re solo and looking for a couple.) ...more
im reading this , i know this post is very old, but im reading this and all the comments, and i ...more