New Year, New You?

As the sun rises on February 1st, we are 33% done with the first quarter. Yes – that means we are 30 days into 2015, and it is already February. “WHAT?!?!?!” (Yep, those words just came out of my mouth.)My New Year’s resolutions have already gone out of the window, but I am not alone. Can you believe that 92% of people who set New Years Resolutions have already failed too?! That means only 8% has stuck to them!!...more

5 things that all girls need to know going into the NBA playoffs

5 things that all girls need to know going into the NBA playoffsEvery girl wants their boyfriend to think that they are “cool enough” to hang with the guys. Well it’s that time  of year again when your boyfriend is glued to EPSN to watch the NBA playoffs. The hype has been possibly, even higher this year with the Donald Sterling racism remarks; so here are 5 things that you need to know so that you can join in the sports talk with your man:...more

Donald Sterling Has Always Been A Racist

As Donald Sterling lawyers up to sue the NBA for banning him for life, and attempting to strip him of his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers, the questions mount as previous cases of Sterling being a racist, arise....more