'Tis the Season For Social Anxiety Fa la la la la... la...

I blog about what life is like living with hyperhidrosis, which is a sweating disorder.  Yesterday I posted about what the Holiday Season brings to those of us who find Holiday parties utterly intimidating.  Office party?  Well, you have to go and you have to paste a smile on your face and make damn sure you don't wear anything that will reveal your problem.  Thank goodness for that cold glass you can clutch in your right hand...To read more, go to www.HyperhidrosisAndMe.com...more

Cell Phones and Teens: So Who Are These New Friends?

The cell phone is a great invention-- and it has certainly revolutionized the thankless task of keeping track of one's teenager.  I have noticed some fallout, though.  Thanks to cell phones, interaction between your teen's friends, their parents, and you is something that has to be forced.  Read more:  http://bit.ly/bW4zILBy Charmainewww.HyperhidrosisAndMe.com...Hyperhidrosis from a personal perspective......more

The Tooth Fairy Came Last Night... Barely!

My youngest lost her Very First Tooth last night!  It was a big moment for her... and a bit of a sad-- shall I say wistful-- moment for Yours Truly (the Erstwhile Tooth Fairy).  She is my fifth and last child and I was just trying to wrap my brain around the fact that she turned six on Tuesday-- SIX!-- when the darn tooth fell out....more

Have You Ever Been Accused of Content Theft?

Melissa wrote a post awhile back about plagiarism on the Internet, and I was one of over 70 people to leave comments.  I have had entire articles taken off an article directory and reworked with another person's name slapped on; I even had one individual subscribe to my site to get his hansd on a free report I had taken 3 months to write just to have him post it online in its entirety, with his criticisms in red sprinkled throughout.  I could relate to all the other bloggers who felt so strongly about this issue....more

The Struggle To Be Normal: A Peek Into My Life

I can guarantee that you know someone like me.  The thing is, you probably don't know it.   I have a disorder called hyperhidrosis, and like most people who live with it, I hide it well. ...more

Emotionally Damaging Disorder: It's A Big Deal

What would you say if you heard that there was a physical disorder that causes substantial psychological damage to children and adults alike?  If you were told that these psychological ailments included depression as well as social anxiety disorder, leading to substance abuse, negative body image, and even suicidal tendencies?...more