Coming clean…

There’s this weird thing that’s happened since I got what I wanted… the overwhelming panic and fear of ‘what now?’ I am writing this after only have talked to a couple people about it – not even the people I thought I would have. ...more

Finding my happiness.

It seems to often that writing about the bad stuff, the hard stuff, the challenges, the complaints…that’s easy. It’s easy to pour it out (well for me) and I think it’s easy to read because you connect to it easily. Everyone has a hard time – everyone can relate to the bad things on some level ....more

#YearOfHome – I’m here.

So I’m home. Home. I made it safe with enough of my sanity in tact to only need sleep, silence, and fun to return my brain to normal ....more

This week! THIS WEEK Y’ALL! #YearOfHome

So I kept thinking I wouldn’t write about this move anymore until it was over. ...more

Letting the overwhelmedness take over.

Overwhelmedness. It’s not really a word – but it should be. I’ve been trying to control that feeling – trying to box it up and put it away ....more

It’s 4am and the brain won’t shut down! #YearOfHome

So I am at the point of the move where I am completely and totally stressed out. There’s so much to do and I don’t know how I will get it all done. Moving like this is a big deal ....more

:sigh: There are no boxes….

I used to make my subject lines lyrics from old songs from the 90′s. But really…there are no boxes seems appropriately random for this post. So snOMG 2.0 is upon us here in North Carolina – and this means my moving supplies didn’t get delivered today ....more

Count down is in the 30′s – #YearOfHome update!

It seems when I have nothing else to talk about I can always fall back on talking about my journey moving back to Alabama. Because it’s getting close and that means lots is happening! I honestly write these updates because it gets it all out of my head – a place that’s basically swirling with work and parenting and moving ....more

That dirty f-word: Fitness

I am doing this in the wrong order – but I promise there’s a reason. ...more

Being happy being odd.

Over the last year I’ve heard a lot of comments about how I seem happier, more settled. ...more