Five Foodie Facts Worth Knowing

5. From Grill to Broiler –As a Manhattan dweller I’m always disappointed I can’t grill a good steak on a hot summer’s night, but I’ve started taking serious advantage of my broiler. Think of the broiler as an inverted grill – steaks, pork, or chicken will take about 10 minutes to cook, and of course you can always use the broiler to get a nice little crust on just about anything. But beware, don't ever leave a broiler unattended or prepare for a serious singe. ...more

Lasagna alla Bolognese

You know that question "if you could have anything in the world as your one last meal, what would it be?"  Well, I'll tell you... this. Lasagna alla Bolognese. Think of everything you know about lasagna... toss it out the window and start over. Ready? Spinach pasta sheets, layered with ragu alla bolognese which is then smothered in besciamella sauce and repeat. The first bite has thatoh my, I'm melting to the floor in a puddle of love and food ecstasy  kind of affect on most. It's just so refined, rich and heart warming. You don't have that acidity from regular tomato sauce or the salty cheesy flavor from the ricotta/mozzarella/parmesan mix. Instead you have a subtle cream sauce with a hint of nutmeg that evokes this sweetness and draws out the flavor of the spinach. Then the bolognese adds a rich, hearty taste. And then you're just falling down the rabbit hole into the foodie abyss.  ...more

Tips For A Beginner Cook

I've been spending time thinking about my place in the culinary world. I'm not trying to pretend that I'm a fabulous, famous food blogger or that I'll be the next big thing (although it's a dream of mine to open a successful restaurant one day). For now, what I am is a girl who is desperately in love with food, flavors and cooking. Do I know all the fancy techniques? No. Do I know all the proper terminology or proper knife skills expected of a professional chef? Most definitely not. ...more

Organic or Chemically Enhanced?

Skirt Steak Fajitas

Fajitas are a great weekday, healthy meal. You can substitute steak for any protein you want, or even replace with beans for a veggie fajita. The flavor profile is vibrant (as are the colors) and the prep time is no more than 30-40 minutes max....more