The Bridge

Tall, strong and beautiful, it stood glowing in the morning sun. The red of the bridge as radiant as the sun rays themselves. The water below it a golden blue and in spite of the ice cold temperature it glistened in the sun. ...more

A Hike To Mt.Whitney - Never Give Up !

On a walk through my neighborhood the other day, I passed a mom, a dad and 4, count em' 4 little girls between 10 and maybe 6. They had stopped at the steep concrete "hill" under the overpass. The girls had climbed up the hill and all but one had made it back down. The little one was stuck at the top, lacking confidence in her ability to get down. They all waited as she squirmed and turned this way and that, trying to muster some courage....more

Going Green - Green Represents Life

 Going Green ! A simple act that we are all striving to do in our little ways. What going green means to one person we met recently, left us humbled and astounded. ...more
BNadyn Yes it does. Every one person making the right choice makes a big difference. Kudos to ...more

The Little Pink Skirt

It was on Christmas eve few years back when we had  close family friends visiting over and my house was buzzing with fun and laughter, just what you want for holidays. The tree was decked up and lit, milk and cookies were left for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer too, the garage became a gift wrapping station, the kids sang jingles along with the radio and there was ample sugar goodies to keep everyone happy. When the gifts were opened on the Christmas morning, there was a little pink skirt gifted to my little girl from her favorite aunt....more

Define Your Own "All" - A Take On The Indra Nooyi Interview

 The Indra Nooyi interview and a fresh round of discussions around “having it all". I read the post out of curiosity, commented on some FB posts here and there, thanked my Ma in silence and then I thought why not write about it here....more

The Thing About Tough Love

Foreword By Piya Mukherjee , the resident author at Chatoveracuppa Blog: It is not every day that a parent gets a pat on his / her shoulder. When was the last time someone ever told you that you were freaking awesome as a parent?  And for that very reason this story by Barbara Stanifer is a must read for all parents....more

Reach For The Stars And Keep Your Feet Grounded

My son came for lunch this weekend like he does every weekend. His two little children and his lovely wife in tow. As we sat down for lunch he said “Ma, I quit my job.” As a concerned mother, I inquired what had happened. He had a plush job, he was doing very well for himself, he traveled places all the time, I could tell he was making a lot of money and he seemed happy. But what he told me left me surprised. “I am missing on their childhood (pointing to his kids). I need to be there for them. Don’t worry, I have a new job....more
I really enjoyed your post.more

A Very Special Thank You To A Special Boy

Summer is almost here. I had picked my blue beaded sandal to wear that day. As I was waiting outside my daughter’s art class, I felt a little nudge on my feet. I looked down to find two tiny little shoes trying to fit into the curves on the side of my sandal. I said to the little boy who seemed fascinated by my sandals “Hi There, I think you like my sandals.” He looked up, his forehead covered with beautiful golden hair and smiled at me....more